One year!!!

We are exactly one year away from getting married! I am so excited. We have been engaged for 6 months and the time has FLOWN by. I know the next year will to. Any advice from brides further along in the process or already married is welcome!!!

Re: One year!!!

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    I'm getting married one month from today.  We had a year and a half engagement and my best advice is to keep up on everything.  I booked all of my big vendors right away and it's really helped us to budget our money accordingly.  I have to say that with one month to go I am not stressed one bit and I haven't been stressed throughout the entire planning.

    Also, if you haven't started looking at dresses you should start now and order by the end of July or beginning of August.  I ordered mine at the end of July last summer and came in at the beginning of March.  I tried it on and I'm glad I did because it wouldn't zip 2 inches.  It gave me time to get into shape and now it fits perfectly and I don't need any alterations.
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    Keep all your money in one spread sheet.

    Only keep one copy of your guest list- throw out old copies.

    Go out on dates with your FI and don't talk about the wedding the whole night/day.

    Don't forget to budget for the little things. My welcome bags, bathroom baskets and emergency kits are a lot more expensive than I thought they would be.

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    Take a look at April/May 2012 boards.  I have found some great advise!!

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