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The Knot Wedding Shop- Beware

I hate that I am posting 2 negative reviews on this message board, but I wish I would have known this before using them. I thought by posting this I might prevent someone else from unneeded stress!

To all of those who are thinking about ordering from the Knot shop I would strongly encourage you to think twice. I placed an order almost 3 months ago and have not received my order. I called over 3 weeks ago and asked about the status of my order, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes. The customer service person was friendly and informed me that my order was back ordered. I asked why I wasn't notified and she was unable to give me an explanation. 
She did tell me that another shipment was coming in that week and I should get my order by the end of the week. 
Yesterday I called again and they told me my order was still back ordered, and it would not be in until April 24th. They were unable to confirm that I would get my order by then. They also told me that they would not notify me if my order was still back ordered!!

So much for the Knot making wedding planning easier!

Re: The Knot Wedding Shop- Beware

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    That is frustrating!!  Can you cancel and get the items somewhere else?
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    Yeah I am still waiting for items I ordered almost a month agao.. everything was supposed to ship together but lo- and-behold they shipped everything seperately.
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