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I think we need a new post on here about where to shop for your dress since the last one was a hundred something days ago.  

I just started dress shopping this week.  I went to Rhylan Lang and Bridal Traditions.  
Rhylan Lang was absolutely amazing.  They have some really unique dresses and the women there were amazing at knowing exactly what I wanted.  I found an amazing dress but I don't think it's THE dress.  Seriously though this place is wonderful.  It's so much fun to try on dresses here.  They let you try on different veils, jewlry and sashes with everything.  I know most plaecs let you do this but their suggestions were just completely spot on.  They have more expensive dresses.  About 2k average but the quality you get for that amount is amazing.    

Bridal Traditions was sort of just awkward.  I think it's good to go because if you find something there it's going to be at an amazing price point.  They also let you walk the floor. It's nice to pick some of the dresses out yourself.  That being said I found the staff unhelpful.  They left me awkwardly standing in my underwear far too often, they didn't really have any good suggestions about other styles I might like, and the dresses I tried on were just really cheap. They were so heavy compared to the ones at Rhylan Lang since they were all made of synthetic materials. Also instead of clamping you in and making sure the dress fit right they awkwardly shoved a pillow in my back to make the dresses fit.  So I spent the whole time looking like a hunchback.  It wasn't a bad experience at all just for a different kind of bride.

So my hunt continues.  Any good suggestions?  I've heard Ready or Knot is a lot like Rhylan Lang.  There's also Sublime bridal and my Blue Whimsy in Fremont (just opened).  I've also heard a lot of things about another bridal shop in Fremont but I can't find the name of it. I know i went prom dress shopping there several years ago and that they include alterations in with the price of the dress.  Anyone know the name of this one?   

Re: Wedding Dress Shopping

  • November 16 - 18 there is a charity gown sale taking place at The Sheraton in Old Mill for Brides Against Breast Cancer.   They are going to have designer gowns available for up to 85% off.    You can register at www.bridesabc.
  • Black Tie White Satin is the name of the store in Fremont I believe.  There is also a Wedding Gown Outlet Store in downtown Wahoo, they are open 7 days a week there.  I didn't purchase my dress there, but I had a lady do my alterations there and they were really helpful.  I had an awesome experience with Deanna at "Dream Designs Bridal" in Aurora, but that may be a little more of a drive than you want, just a suggestion though!
  • If you are a bride on a budget I would highly recomend A  Bridal Boutique in Bellevue, NE. Very helpful staff and affordable gowns. I got my dress for only $99!!
  • I bought my dress at Black Tie White Satin, as did two of my girlfriends. I loved my experience there. The ladies were all super nice and extremely helpful. Especially when it came to looking for dresses for my picky bridesmaid!! :) I love that it was smaller and less overwhelming then like Davids Bridal, and the dresses are pretty reasonable. I got my Alfred Angelo for $630. Good Luck and Happy Dress shopping! :)
  • I'm not from this area, so it was very helpful to hear about local stores. But I've been looking online at www.kiss I'm seriously considering buying my dress from here. The dresses are amazing and the price can't be beat! And the reviews are wonderful!
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