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Wedding Mints

Does anyone know of anyone in Omaha that makes cream cheese mints for weddings?

Re: Wedding Mints

  • ktwithrow1219ktwithrow1219 member
    edited December 2011

    I don't know of anyone that makes them, but the recipe is very easy to make yourself.. It is:

    1 8 oz. block of cream cheese
    1 lb powdered sugar
    a few drops of flavoring
    mint coloring - as much as it takes to get the color you would like

    Soften the cream cheese and add a few drops (about 4) of the flavoring and add a little bit of coloring. Use a spatula or large spoon to mix by hand. Gradually add powder sugar as you mix it (don't add all of the powered sugar at once). Add more coloring if needed - sometimes the more powdered sugar you add, the color changes. Once you have it mixed, make it into a log shape and wrap in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator (best if sits in refrigerator overnight to harden). When you want to mold them, have a bowl of regular sugar, take a little piece of the mix and roll into a ball - about nickel size usually, it might take a couple tries to decide the right size for whatever mold you use- roll it in sugar and smash it in the mold. Put the mints on wax paper to sit. Store them in a container and if you stack layers, put wax paper between each layer. They can be kept in the freezer so you can make them a couple weeks ahead of time. One log of the mixture usually makes a couple hundred mints. If you get a couple of people to help you mold them, it doesn't take very long to finish!

    You can find the coloring, flavoring, and molds at Mangelsen's. Hope this helps :)

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