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Secrets Maroma Riviera - so confused!

Forgive my multiple posts. We thought we had it figured out where we were going to go to Mexico and stay at Secrets Maroma and get married there. The marriage requirements didn't work for us so we are now eloping locally and changed our mind about Mexico because of a couple of things. A) fear we would get bored B) we saw some pictures on the web that didn't look as great as it does on the website.

As of this morning we were all set on Disney World - and still might be - but I can't help but think that blue waters and beach go along with honeymoon. I know we will have a great time in Disney World, no doubt, but is that what we want for our honeymoon. I just want it to be perfect so I keep flip flopping.

So here are my questions for those that have stayed at Secrets Maroma.

Was it beautiful, romantic and clean?

We are not lay on the beach for 6 days kind of people so do you think we would be bored? Are you stuck at the resort most of the time?  Is there enough to do?

Anything else you can share?

Re: Secrets Maroma Riviera - so confused!

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    It's absolutely gorgeous; stunning.  The beach is ranked one of the top 10 in the world.  We saw 2 weddings while there and both looked beautiful.

    We spent a lot of time laying out at pool/beach; but there's daily and nightly activities to do and if you want to get off the resort, you can, but it'll cost.  There's excursions and you could take a cab to Playa del Carmen or Cancun too.

    If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you a link to my HM pics.
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    Thank you!

    We have decided to do Secrets for 5 days and Disney World for 2. 

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    One other question - what type of room did you stay in?  I would like ocean view and jacuzzi in the room, but don't know the different between the swim up and preferred club rooms.
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    We HM'd at Secrets Maroma last May and its absolutely gorgeous. The best place I have visited, and I travel alot :)

    We stayed in a "Preferred Club" room since it was our HM - those rooms have a few added perks plus they are closer to the ocean. We had a room on the top floor b/c we like a great view of the ocean. But alot of people prefer rooms on the ground floors with the swim out options. I suggest contacting a travel agent (no extra $$ to you - they are paid thru the resort) and asking room questions and pricing out different options.

    You are going to love it! Have fun :)
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    We absolutely LOVED Secrets Maroma- you won't regret it.  We did lay at the beach most days, but we did one excursion and enjoyed some of their night entertainment.  We were never bored :)  We stayed in a preferred club room, the location was nice but otherwise I don't know that there was a lot of benefit over a regular room.  Hope you love it as much as we do!
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    Hi there, I stayed at secrets maroma last year for 5 nights....beautiful beach and pool area...they come around and serve you free apps! Service is amazing! If u get a swim up room u will not have an ocean view be forewarned...we mostly stayed at the resort and did one night out excursion to this really popular club...all the food was very very good as well, don't think you will be disappointed there especially breakfast....if you are not the type to lounge around all day, you will be bored at the resort unless you do some excursions...maybe to xcaret for example? I would def return there
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    Oops, I'm just seeing this and I think you already booked; but personally we looking back, we don't think it was worth the preferred club upgrade and won't get it again if we go back.  We had a swim-up room and really took advantage of it; no one else on our "shared" pool ever seemed to use it while we did, so we had our own private pool every afternoon
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