Did you rule out Mexico b/c of the crime?

Did anyone else decided to rule Mexico out from the begining because of the crime there? We did and now I am thinking I would really like to go to Secrets Maroma Beach in Cancun. My FI said he would never have a want to go there, but after looking at that resort it makes me said because it is so much more modern then Sandals in Ocho Rios. Which I know we will have a wonderful time in Jamaica, but I always like to get more for my money. Here is another question for you if you have been to Mexico recently Did you leave the resort and do any site seeing? If so how did that go?
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Re: Did you rule out Mexico b/c of the crime?

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    My dad is a narcotics investigator in California, and he is very against me going to Mexico in light of the serious drug wars going on down there. The problem with that is, Mexico is inexpensive in comparison to many other beach locations. My FI and I are going to Cancun or Puerta Vallarta  for our honeymoon. We will be selecting an all-inclusive resort and will not be leaving the resort. I don't think Mexico is the safest place in the world, and in fact, can be very dangerous, however, I think if you stay where tourists should be, and don't go too far off the beaten path, you should be safe. The same goes for any other location in the world. If you look like you don't belong there, you will be a target, if you act as normal as possible and blend in, everything should be fine. The resorts down there are a major cash-flow for Mexico, and the owners of those resorts are not going to let anything detrimental happen to their reputations.
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    I'm leaving the entire honeymoon up to my FI it is one of three things he's interested in. He really wants to go to Cancun. At first, I was all for it, but now the more I read the more I am concerned. He has chosen an all inclusive resort like PP, but wants to do things outside of the resort. Are places like the ruins and jungle tours safe? Is there a lot of crime in places like that? I don't know all that he has planned b/c he wants it to be a surprise.
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  • I am mexican and Cancun is very safe unless you go to just locals places maybe. I think that if you take tours to other sites like tulum, xcaret or playa del carmen from the hotel you will be more then safe, even at the restaurants and bars outside the hotel you will be safe as long as they are in the tourist area. IT IS THE BEST and i am planning to have my wedding there too. 

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    I'm from Mexico too, as marielarf said, if you stay in the tourist areas there should be no problem. I'm not from Cancun but I've been there several times and is awesome. You can go to the pyramids and ruins in a tour from the hotel, just stay within the group and you should be fine. You can go to an All Inclusive resort, they are very good and you have everything you want in the hotel!
  • Hi. YES. We did rule this out. My FI travels to Mexico frequently for business. We decided on the Bahamas instead. The bigger resorts are controlled by the cartels. Buyer beware!
  • Hi! My FI and I have decided to get married in Mexico because we absolutely love it there. I have been 5 times over the past 10 years. Although I will say that I have visited Acapulco and wouldn't return but I have been to Cancun twice and Playa del Carmen twice. We are getting married next year in Playa del Carmen because we love it so much. When we go, we don't even stay at an all-inclusive resort because the food is to die for at the hundreds of amazing restaurants down 5th avenue. I realize that not everywhere in Mexico is safe but I've never felt uncomfortable in Playa. However, we generally stick to the more touristy areas but will venture a little bit off the beaten track. We have family who rent condos and stay for 3 months at a time and they absolutely love it. You could go anywhere around the world and there will be crime - yes, some places worse than others. Just pay attention and don't be stupid. Don't necessarily rule out the Caribbean side of Mexico, it is absolutely wonderful! 
  • Also, I should have mentioned that we have visited almost every tourist site off the resort, such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, Akumal, Xcaret, Xel-Ha and more and the experience was amazing! 
  • My bff got married in oaxaca city. Me and another girlfriend - she's from colombia, decided to take a 2 week vacation to explore. We rented a car, saw sites all around oaxaca city, monte alban, mitla, drove down to the coast to Puerto Escondido and surrounding beaches (my favorite beaches i've ever been too) . Then drove to Acapulco, that beach is disgusting compared to other beaches. And from there drove up to Mexico City where we drove around to Teotihuacan and other city adventures. If you don't know how to drive like a maniac and safely (during sunlight hours, which we mostly stuck to, but still nothing happened to us at night either), and you don't know the language, then stay on your little touristy guided adventures. Otherwise, go explore those amazing ruins! 
    We did not die. We did get funny looks as 2 adventurous females, but nothing happened. It will go down in history as one of my top 5 most amazing adventures.
    My fiance is a big pussy and refuses to step foot in Mexico. Ever. And has told me to find other people to go to mexico with. I will change his mind one day. Even my old parents, in their 70's and 80's go to Cancun once a year, and to all the surrounding areas and Ruins. 
  • I just got married in Mexico 2/26/14 and it was amazing!  I was not worried about the drug crime because I knew I was going to be in a very touristy area far away from most of the mexican drug cartel crime. We were in the Riviera Maya area and it was PERFECT! I didn't go site seeing but a few of my guests did and they had a great time and ran into no problems outside the resort. 
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