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Has anyone heard anything about Clearly in Focus Photography?  I've been emailing with Adrienne a bit, she's very friendly and her prices are fair and competitive, but I can't find any reviews for her anywhere.  Her Facebook page wasn't too helpful.

Photography is the most important aspect of my wedding (for me) and I am being really picky because I don't want to regret who I chose.  My top choice is Vitalic Photo based out of Vero Beach but their prices are a little steep.  I LOVE their work though.  Ahhh decisions.  And I've only just begun planning!

Any feedback?  Thanks!

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    We met the Vitalic team at a show this summer.  good people!  Haven't heard of Clearly in Focus.  You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to wedding photography.  Good luck with everything.

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    Sorry, I've never heard of them. I'd be a little leary not finding any reviews. Maybe you should try looking around at a couple other places that you find good reviews for to see if they are in your price range.
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    If you are still on the hunt Kellie Warren-Underwood with
    KWU (K-woo) photography is amazing!!!  Her prices are competitive, as well.  You can find her on facebook and she has a website and blog.  You will definitely get great pics if you use her! (I am a bit bias, as she is who we are using;) haha  She is out of Orlando, but does travel, as she will be traveling for our St. Augustine wedding.
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    I liked my photographer a lot. YOu can check out the review in the link below.  
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    Have you checked out Tab McCausland?  Her prices are fair and style looks like the photographer you mentioned you like.  :)
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    [QUOTE]Have you checked out Tab McCausland?  Her prices are fair and style looks like the photographer you mentioned you like.  :)
    Posted by SoonToBeJLO[/QUOTE]

    <div>I contacted her.  Thank you! :)</div>
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    Through my venue, I met Molly Dempsey... She does amazing photos. She recently did my engagement shoot and the pics are to die for. You can check her out at mollydempseyphotography.com
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