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Reviews of "The Ballroom at Church Street"

Hi fellow brides!!

I would greatly appreciate feedback about this venue location! If you've had your wedding there, or if you know of anyone that has, PLEASE feel free to give me some reviews if you liked it or not. THANK YOU! Look forward to reading everything you have to say. :)
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Re: Reviews of "The Ballroom at Church Street"

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    It was one of my top three choices...I LOVED it! We just ultimately decided we wanted to spend a little less per person so we could afford to have more people and utimately decided to go elsewhere.  (actually ended up deciding on a venue in St. Augustine....if you are willing to look there, check out The River House....it's AMAZING!)

    Good luck with your search!
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  • megan10103megan10103 member
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    Im having my wedding there in november Sorry I cant provide you with reviews but so far everything has gone great, I had my tsting and it was delicious. It is a bit pricey though..
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    Hey, I can't wait to hear all about your wedding! Good luck!
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  • SivanGSivanG member
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    I just photographed a wedding there and I thought it was a phenomenal venue, especially for photos! I can't say much about the service there since I was not the bride, but from a photographer's prospective, it was amazing! :)
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