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Hello there,

I'm new to the site.  I'll be the first of my sisters to be married so this whole experience will be a first for my fam.

I'm Egyptian (born and raised here in NY) and my fiance is Turkish.  We're planning on having a second wedding in Turkey with his fam, so this first wedding here in NY is pretty much for me and my fam.

Most of my co-workers and friends are non-Muslims so a majority of my exposure to weddings and wedding planning will be of no use to me here.

My mom has past away, so what I really need is for a Muslima to help advise me on what to do and how to prepare for the wedding.  Venue suggests and suggestions on what to wear and where to shop would be greatly appreciated :)

My dad has been kinda winging it and but is also pushing me to rely more on my fiance's mom and sisters for advice, but I'm still trying to bridge the current language gap.

Many thanks ladies!

Re: Muslim Bride in NYC

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    Try contacting Elite(b)Events. Shea is muslim and just had her wedding in July which she invited us to(and a couple of her other brides) and it was beautiful, traditional (her Nikka was so nice) yet modern as well.and it was in the city. I hope this helps! Happy planning :)
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