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Any way to fit in Bridesmaids in Nikah??!

Salaam! I've researched everywhere looking for information on this. I'm an American Muslimah and my fiancé is also Muslim from Gabon (west Africa). Anyway, I told him about how I always envisioned bridesmaids being in my wedding.

Fiancé doesn't see where a bridesmaid would or could fit in the ceremony. Anyway have ideas? Or incorporated your girls into your ceremony?
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Re: Any way to fit in Bridesmaids in Nikah??!

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    Salaam sister! 
    I am an American convert myself and so is my husband-to-be, we envisioned the bridesmaids and groomsmen in ours. You just gotta make it yours. What is required is required but beyond that, you can do anything you imagine! :D 

    Make it memorable! :)
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    Glad to see you respond..the Muslimah board is pretty lonely :(

    Anyway, nikah is right around the corner. I decided to opt out of having a bridal party. Please do share how yours goes inshallah. When is the big day?
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    Asalaamu alaikum! I am deciding on bridesmaids i know a lot of muslim weddings dont have them but i want my girl with me. hmm. looking for ideas also.
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    I'm also trying to figure out a way to incorporate them! They might just be in matching outfits sitting in the front or something..
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