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Muslim Bridesmaid Dress & Hijab

Hi Ladies,

My post may be quite different. I am just a normal ol' white girl having an amaerican wedding lol... my question pertains to my bridesmaid. 5 bridesmaids will be in the dress I picked for them. I have one who is muslim and will be more conservative and wear her hijab.

Does anyone have any pictures of any american weddings where there was only 1 or 2 ladies dressed in their traditional wear? Or maybe it was a muslim wedding but not every bridesmaid was nand a few were. I just want to see how the bridal party looked together. I am trying to get ideas on how to mesh my mulim gal with the otehr bridesmaids. Obviously she will stand out and look different but I guess I just want a visual. The dresses will be ocean blue.

Attached is an amazing scarf I found. This is the idea I would go with for her but I want to see the whole brideal party together.

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Re: Muslim Bridesmaid Dress & Hijab

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    i have the opposite problem...two of the 6 of my bridesmaids r planning on doing a consertive style of dress...with atleast elbow length sleeves...i want my girls tohave a dress that they can wear again...something stylish and chic and of course modest...
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