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Persian Wedding traditions??

Hey guys! My fiance is Iranian and I want to incorporate Persian traditions into the ceremony like the Sofreh Aghd, the Termeh and Ghand, etc. I can't find any good information on exactly how a Persian wedding is structured and my fiance isn't much help. Can anyone help me out?

Re: Persian Wedding traditions??

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    check this site out:

    it has many articles so you can find what you're interested in about the wedding traditions specifically
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    Thank you thank you thank you!! That was sooo helpful, it was exactly what I needed!
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    glad i could help!

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    My fiancee is also Persian and I am trying to do the same thing! When is your wedding  Estory?
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    Hmm Im not too sure but my fiance is from afghanistan and they have a similar language so im thinking ,maybe the rituals are the same?
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    I'm persian and planning to get married next december(2011), and will be incorporate persian wedding ceremony in to my ceremony as well. 
     There is so many nice pictures on internet that you could use as inspiration.
    persian wedding ceremony happens around  the wedding spread (sofreye aghd).
    all decoration in it has important meaning and symbolize different things in life for the new couple.
    items on sofreye agh:
    1. Mirror, ayeneh bakht and 2 candelabras representing bride and groom and     brightness in their future
    2. Tray with 7 different herbs and spices
    3. fruits(pomegranates,apple)  and nuts (almond,walnut,hazelnut.all still  in their shell)
    4. Kale ghand (hardened sugar), rose water, honey
    5. bread
    6. crystelized suger
    7. gold coins
    8.scarf or shawl of fine fabric to hold over the couple during the ceremony
    9.prayer carpet, 9ja-naamaz), holy book
    10. assortment of persian sweets 
    6.decorated egg

    PS! persian people are always late, they will arrive late even for weddings, so allow your self extra timeframe for specially your ceremony.

    good luck  with planning and don't forget to enjoy every step of itWink 

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    my fiance persian, I want to do the sofreh aghd so my MIL will probably help with those parts of the planning....we are going to mix the persian and the black american parts to show a side of each culture.
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    Has anyone used or know a Persian consultant to create the table for them, my MIL says you pay someone to come in and do it for you..? I think thats my clue to find someone. HELP
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    If you live in a big city with large persian population you will find poeple who do the "sofreh" for you. You can pick up a persian yellow pages. I would ask for some pictures, some can be tacky looking.
    When I was planning my wedding many years ago, I used a lot of photo inspirations from various websites. And my mom and sister arranged the "sofreh".

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    I would recommend using a persian photographer or someone who is familiar with the traditions. An important photo is the couple looking in the mirror together. Soheil Photography is located in the DC-Area but he also covers destination weddings.
  • Hey I was in your position too in 2009! American bride, Iranian fiance planning a Persian wedding. It was so much fun that I wrote a whole book about it. Everything you need to know from start to finish is covered in the book! The Persian wedding book:How To Plan A Persian Wedding When You Have No Idea What Persian Means Also, the book is on Happy Planning to all the brides and grooms! It's so much fun!!
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