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Filipino Tradition Explanation in Programs

My fiance is caucasian and I'm a mestiza, and we're having the traditional coin, veil, and cord ceremonies during our Catholic mass.  We want to include something in our programs to explain the tradition to our guests, since a majority of them won't know what is going on.  I've already found descriptions of the ceremonies online, but if any of you have examples of what you've used in your programs, I would love to see them!  Thank you! :)
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Re: Filipino Tradition Explanation in Programs

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    I don't have a copy of my program with me, but I just kept it simple... On the program I just put:

    Candle Sponsors ... To Light Our Way
    Cord Sponsors ... To Bind us With Love
    Veil Sponsors ... To Clothe Us As One
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    here's what I have:

    Arras (Coin) Ceremony The coins are a sign of fidelity bestowed irrevocably.


    Veil Ceremony The veil is a symbol of unity and that the couple

    shall be “clothed as one”.


    Yugal (Cord) Ceremony The cord is a symbol of the lifelong bond

    between the couple.


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    I've probably included too much below - but we had detailed programs, so it includes the description and what the priest said - the formatting might be all crazy since im just cutting and pasting. 

       Blessing and Exchange of Arras (Coins)                                             Arras, Spanish for “earnest money,” is said to have come from a Roman custom of breaking gold or silver into equal halves by both parties as a pledge of marriage.  The thirteen arras (coins) represent Christ and his twelve apostles.  The groom gives the bride thirteen coins as a symbol of his unquestionable trust and confidence, pledging that he places all of his material wealth into her care and safekeeping. Acceptance by the bride means taking that trust and confidence unconditionally with total dedication and prudence. Lord, bless and sanctify Katherine and Daniel in your love. May these arras be a symbol of their mutual fidelity and help. Your word says that wealth is “the reward of humility and the fear of the Lord.” We pray that they never forget the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, who said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Help them use their resources in service to their family, the Church, and the community. This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Daniel:            Katherine, please take these coins as a pledge of our commitment to share God's gifts.  Katherine:      Daniel, I accept and treasure your gift.  Let us together always share God's blessings.  PLACING OF THE VEIL                                                                                               Rev. Tolang The veil represents God’s all-encompassing presence and protection that will accompany Katherine and Daniel as they face the challenges that will come as they build their life together.  The veil, a symbol of the purity of married life, is placed over the shoulders of the couple to signify their union and being “clothed as one.”  Katherine’s godparents, Faustina and Fedencio , will place the veil on Katherine and Daniel. Katherine and Daniel, at Baptism you were clothed with white garments symbolizing the new life of purity and joy in the Lord, to which the Risen Christ has called you. We clothe you again with this garment as you enter into the new phase of your life with God. Wear it unstained and let the joy of the spirit shine forth to you and your children whom the Lord's loving design will bring into your life. PLACING OF THE LAZZO                                                                                          Rev. Tolang The lazzo (wedding rosary) is used to symbolize the unification of the couple through prayer.  The wedding rosary is two individual and complete rosaries which meet and become one before the crucifix.  Katherine’s sister and brother-in-law, Rachel and Benjamin , will place the lazzo on Katherine and Daniel.Katherine and Daniel, Rachel and Ben will lay the lazzo on you to remind you to remind you of your responsibility to hold each other with the tenderness that Christ has for His Church. Keep the bond of your love steadfast so that you can support one another throughout your lives.This lazzo symbolizes the love of God which brings your hearts and souls together. May your love grow stronger and bind you closer together through years, now and forever. We ask this from the Father, through Christ our Lord.
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    This is perfect! I am having such a hard time researching this online and I found them so easily here. Thanks!
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    The Sponsors

    The Principal Sponsors

    Also known as Ninang & Ninong sa kasal, these women and men are respected and admired by the bride and groom.  Their participation is symbolic of the wisdom & support they shall offer the new couple.  In the Philippines, they are the official witnesses.


    The Secondary Sponsors

    These sponsors are often a woman and a man whom the couple chooses.  Their roles are to present to the couple the veil and the cord, and also to light candles before the ceremony.


    Ceremonial Traditions

    The Candles and the Unity Candle

    The candle symbolizes the Light of Christ, the same light the bride and groom received at Baptism and now receive again to lead them in their new life as a couple. 


    The Coins (Arras)

    The Arras traditionally symbolized the prosperity that would be shared by the new couple and the couple’s commitment to mutually contribute to their relationship, their children and their community.  There are 13 gold coins to represent Christ and His 12 disciples.


    The Veil and Cord

    The veil is a symbol of purity.  The veil is placed over the shoulders of the couple as they kneel side-by-side to symbolize their union.  The Cord is a symbol of the couple’s bond.  The cord is knotted into the infinity symbol meaning everlasting love.  They are no longer two but one in their new life as a couple.  The knotted cord is placed over the heads of the couple and above the veil to lay on their shoulders.


    The Rings

    The circle has always had significance from ancient cultures to the present as a symbol of wholeness and perfection. Its endlessness is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity – no beginning, no end. It is also the symbol of the sun, earth and universe, and represents holiness, perfection and peace. 

  • These are all great information. I am in the process of making a program for our wedding in May. I was wondering if anyone has a template you can attach. Since we are getting married in Taiwan, the priest is not familiar with the Filipino traditions and would like to see the details. Also I want to know how and where to list the sponsors. Thanks for the help!
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