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Hello! I am planning to have a Lao wedding. Does anyone have any places that they know of to get fabric? I live in the DC area. Still I am willing to travel to get it!! 

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    I think Laos'  traditional clothing are very similar to the Khmer dressings that my FI and I will be wearing... And I have to admit that they're really hard to get if you don't live in an area where there's a high demand. Maybe you can find some companies online?

    I'm ordering our cultural dressing robes through a Khmer wedding specialist. The company is ordering and taking care of all the clothing (for B&G as well as parents and BP), instruments, swords, flowers, food for the ceremony, hair/make up...

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    My fiance is Lao, let me ask my future-sister-in-law in Minnesota where they get their fabric
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    I am Lao Canadian and also having a Lao wedding.

     I have had to ask relatives to send them from Laos, and ask other ladies in my community if they have any fabric. Just be as specific as possible with design and colour...  your idea of a gold might be different than your relatives ideas! They might end up picking something orangy instead etc.
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    I would love to hear what other people are doing for their Lao weddings.

    I am getting married next year. My finance is Canadian but we are going all out Lao wedding. Lao cermony and then the big fat Lao wedding with 500 guests. Is anyone else doing the traditional Lao cermony or a mix of cermonies?

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    usually vendors do come and sell the outfits at temple celebrations. on july 4th i had to go to virgina to the buddhavong temple to if i can find one and i did! good luck! hope that helps.
  • Anyone planning to have two ceremonies in one day in one place? Let's chat.. May 2014 Lao/American wedding..
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