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Share your wedding details/ideas regarding ceremony and reception....  What is your wedding timeline?  Our ceremony starts at 2pm but reception is not til 6pm, need ideas for in between times..

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    One suggestion is to organize (or have a friend do it) a cocktail hour at a location close to the reception site (if not at the reception site), that begins an hour or 2 before the reception. 

    Is your ceremony a full Catholic and Filipino ceremony?  If so, there won't be that much time in between the ceremony and reception.  If your Filipino relatives and friends are anything like mine, they will likely need to change from church attire into more appropriate party attire.  :)  So that could eat up some time as well. 
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    A friend of mine also had a huge time gap between the ceremony and the reception.  She held a mini cocktail hour at the ceremony site and took pictures with EVERY guest.  It was a great way to ensure she greeted everyone and got pictures. 
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    I had a traditional Filipino wedding that started at 2pm.  With the full Catholic mass (plus all the Filipino traditions) the ceremony didn't end till about 3:30pm.... after taking the pictures with the families/sponsors/etc, it was almost 4:30pm... and then some people disappeared to get changed/pick up their dates/etc. 

    That's honestly not a huge gap.  Depending on where you're having your reception, most people will entertain themselves.  (Ex.  our guests went to the hotel bar to drink up a bit before the reception started at 6)
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    Thank you ladies!  Our church only allows us to stay until 3:30 pm (including photos, etc..)  It is a really strict church!  Our cocktail hour starts at 5:30 pm at the hotel.  so maybe travel time from 3:30-4 and then from that time, I guess the guests can just entertain themselves while the entourage and I take pictures somewhere else. lol

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