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Cant decide on where to go!

My FI and I are paying for part of our honeymoon. We live near dallas texas. For the first night we will be staying in Waco, but we arent sure where we will go after that. We were thinking SA or Corpus. SA is a lot closer but doesnt have beaches. Corpus means more gas money. And Corpus doesnt sound that interesting. Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Cant decide on where to go!

  • What's your budget? Are you willing to travel outside Texas or internationally?
  • I think we would like to stay in texas.
  • Galveston?  South Padre?  Point Aransas?  Maybe a cruise from Galveston if you can find a good deal?  I have no idea what your budget is, but Mexico is usually cheap.

    A while ago, my DH and I were looking at doing a cheap weekend getaway and we considered Hot Springs.  Not a beach, I know, but it looked really nice.  Also Fredricksburg has nice B&Bs. 

    This is where we were going to stay in Hot Springs.  We ended up going to Vegas but plan to stay here at some point.
  • There's a lot of great places to go.  You're not too far away from New Orleans if you wanted to leave the state.

    If it were me, however, I would plan a Hill Country honeymoon.  FI and I love San Antonio and would spend a couple days downtown near the riverwalk in a nice hotel.  Then I would spend a couple days in a nice bed and breakfast or resort near new braunfels or austin.  Go to the river or the lake that's near austin.  Could be very romantic.  But I always like that nice mixture of city and nature.

  • That sounds like a nice idea. We do live near a lot of major cities here in texas. FI just told me we are aimming for a cheaper honeymoon and maybe have a nicer second honeymoon. 
  • Well, definitely drive to save some money. 

    Watch hotel rates over time.  You can start to predict when they rise and fall, and check lots of websites.  I've always had luck with travelocity over other websites, but I know other people on here have other places that are their favorite.

    The best thing is, there is so much to do for free.  When FI and I go to San antonio, we stay in a nice hotel, but we just walk around, see shops, go to museums when they're free, go see the missions, etc.  I know new braunfels has fun shops, and of course, the river. 

    I think there's a lot of free stuff in austin, and the lake is nice to go to.  I'm sure there's lots of other free or cheap attractions I'm not thinking of.

    What's most important is that you and FI can relax and enjoy your time together.

  • Oh yeah New Braunfels!  We took a family vacation there last year and we had a really good time.  Here is where we stayed: 
  • There's a girl on the DFW local boards who stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg and had a great time.
    The hill country is beautiful.
  • I'm. Leaning more towards San Antonio. Although there isn't a beach there are lots of other things that look interesting.
  • I've been to San Antonio a couple times, and I'd love to go back again :)  My vote is for San Antonio.
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