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I'm not exactly sure which topic this should really go under, since I have several questions.

I am the MOH in my best friends wedding in Feb '11, and they are getting married in St. Thomas on the Super Bowl Cruise.

Should I plan a Bacholorette Party before the Cruise?  What about a Bridal Shower??  I was thinking maybe planning a Reception after the Cruise, inviting family and friends whom were unable to attend the wedding.

Any ideas?
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Re: Wedding on a Cruise

  • If you want to plan a Bachelorette Party and a Bridal Shower, I would definitely try to plan those for before the cruise. As far as the reception goes, have you spoken to the bride about this? I would think that they would want to plan their own reception if they wanted one.
  • I think the board you are looking for is the Destination Weddings board.  It is on the left side of your screen under Wedding Theme Boards.  Many of those girls are having cruise weddings and can help with these kinds of questions.  
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  • lots of gals on the DW board do cruise things!
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