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Wearing High Heels On Grass

I want to have an outdoor wedding, but I am concerned about sinking into the grass for me, my bridesmaids, and guest that will be wearing heels. Any Idea's On of what previous brides might have done.

Re: Wearing High Heels On Grass

  • Don't wear heels :) Wear wedges, flats, sandals, etc.
  • Colorifics has some great, cute wedges for the bride and BM's. I wouldn't worry about guests on grass a much. They will just be walking to have a seat, and it won't be like they have a stomach full of nerves, so they can focus on their shoes for a few minutes.
  • I had this same question and people suggested solemates.  heres the website https://www.thesolemates.com/about/index.php this page tells you how they work.  they are kind of expensive in my opinion (but then again i'm cheap lol) but the more you buy the more you save.  i was thinking of buying a few pairs and handing them out to the ladies who didnt wear good shoes for grass.  good luck
  • I am wearing victorian wedding boots even though it is not a "western themed" wedding. I told my girls that they will be walking on grass and crossing a bridge and let them decide if they wanted to wear heels or flats.
  • www.divadilemmas.com   Try this website. I just ordered these cleanheels. They came in last week & are GREAT!!!!!
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  • I had solemates and honestly, they didn't work that well.  I lost one on the way down the isle and because the ground was soft due to rain that week I sunk unless I stood on my toes. I suggest not wearing heels.
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  • I wore heels but I made sure that they were thicker heals.  I got mine from DSW.com.  My Bridesmaids wore heels too but I am not sure how it worked out for them. 
  • Our ceremony is on the grass as well. The venue states that they will not water the grass the day of or the day before, which does help. But I have been in 2 outdoor weddings as a bridesmaid and I sunk the first step down the isle and sunk standing durring the ceremony. Even in kitten heels. So I gave my girls the options of either flip flops or wedges. They were all down with the filp flops. They will be dressy ones and somthing that they can wear again. I personaly don't care too much for heels, so I am wearing really nice cowboy boots under my dress. They can't be seen, I will be comfy and we are having a rustic style wedding anyway. Also one thing to think about. (which had never crossed my mind untill I read it a few weeks ago) If you are using an isle runner, on the grass, you need to make sure that if its a cheaper plastic one, that either you put plywood under it for support, or block off the isle prior to the ceremony and have guest enter from the other side. If it is a plastic style runner, and there is not anything under it to support it, and people walk on it with heels, it will poke holes in it. 
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  • I'm wearing really small heels and I will be walking in grass. If you want heels, pretty much what you can do is just stand on your toes as you walk and take lighter steps. Make sure to practice! I had to remind my girls of this before they buy any shoes, so they know what to do too.
  • I just got married on 10/10/09 and had an outdoor wedding and reception. My advice is simple - wear what you feel the most comfortable in. I knew I wanted to wear heels just because - and after a lot of looking I found my shoes at Von Maur for $65. They didn't have that stiletto heel but rather a rectangular/square cut instead. My bridesmaids were able to find heels that had a wide heel at stores like Kohl's and Target. I just kept reminding them that they'd be in them the whole time and they'd be standing/walking in the grass the entire time!We did run into a little bit of trouble but that was only because it had rained the few days leading up to the wedding - otherwise, we wouldn't have airated the lawn at all :) Best wishes!
  • We're having an outdoor ceremony too. I'm a heels girl and my dad works in the women's designer shoe industry. He's having a pair custom made for me so I don't want to wear different shoes for the ceremony. The coordinator at our venue said a lot of her brides use that indoor/outdoor carpet as an isle runner because it's thick and you won't sink through. She said they sell it at Lowes or Home Depot. You can buy it by the foot. She said it does come in white and looked very nice. Another of her brides used roofing material and the bride said it worked fantastic but coordinator didn't see it so she wasn't sure how it looked.
  • I looked at the site for soulmates and will be trying out a pair. I would like to just go with flat shoes for the outdoor ceremony but I want to wear heels for the reception and how do I get fitted? If I get fitted with heels the dress will get dirty while walking down the grassy aisle...If I get fitted with flats or smaller heels the dress will be short with my heels....
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  • That is a good question I never thought about that, because I was also thinking about wearing heels for the reception and pictures and then just doing flats as I walk down the isle.
  • WEAR WEDGES! I was contemplating this same dillema, I will not be wearing flats nor flip flops, I need the height a little so I am wearing wedges and my bridesmaids are too, except my really tall sister and other friend who will be wearing pretty flats with their dresses. I am going to spread through word of mouth to my female guests to consider their choice of shoes, probably either when I see them or my mom sees them or when they are invited to bridal showers, just mention to them. And the other poster made a good point, try to see if your venue will not water the grass for a day or 2 before your wedding because that will help, not just with not sinking into the grass but just the fact that you don't wanna thread through wet grass or have wet grass on your dress.
  • I'm wearing keds decorated with the wedding colors :)  I told my bridesmaids that is and outdoor wedding so wear shoes they would be the most comfortable in. The cermony is not going to be on grass but rather a bricked courtyard!
  • im buying a bunch of flip flops for the women at the wedding and putting the basket at the tent entrance!
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