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Outdoor Ceremony in June

Winter break is fast approaching, and my fiance and I decided that we were going to spend it visting venues (since we won't have time again until mid-May). We have three places in mind already, all of which have indoor/outdoor space.

Our concern is that we are only having the ceremony outside, and the reception inside, so we really don't want to rent a tent that's only going to be used for an hour tops. We have a pretty low budget (3-5K), so buying lots of giant umbrellas is also not really an option. We're not sure about whether or not there are electrical hook-ups outside, and the amount of natural shade depends on the venue. It can get fairly warm by late June where we live. Any ideas for keeping our guests cool for the 20 minute ceremony before they can depart to the air conditioned reception (we will be having several 75 and older guests).
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Re: Outdoor Ceremony in June

  • What time are you thinking of having the ceremony?  Could you bump it back an hour or two to avoid the hot mid-afternoon sun?
  • Time really doesn't matter, as long as its during the day. We really don't want an evening wedding, Ohio gets pretty buggy at dusk. We were thinking either 11am, 2pm, or 3-4pm...
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  • We are shooting for 5pm, are having fans for programs and water bottles as favors.  We are getting married in Nebraska and are expecting it to be hot and humid.  HTH!
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  • I have a friend who is thinking about a june wedding outside, not sure where about ohio you are, but here if you outside for to long of a time in ealry june the mosquitos get you.
    Fans are a great idea! but also your guests could prolly last outside for a little while, they know its june so they will prolly dress accordingly.
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    We are in South Florida and are getting married outside in June. Our ceremony is going to be  at 5:30, and down here it will still be about 90 outside.  I'm debating whether or not to hook up a couple large fans that will create cool air for the guests, or if I am going to give out hand fans. Also, if you look in the favor section, you can get personalized water bottles which is a nice way to make sure your guests are hydrated, if still a bit hot. 

    Overall, your guests are going to know the weather forecast and they will know its an outside ceremony, so they should dress appropriately and most probably wont mind the heat for a little bit, especially since the reception is inside. 

  • Also, keep in mind that for your guests it is NOT just a 20 minute ceremony.  Guests start arriving as early as 45 minutes before the start time.  Many times a ceremony doesn't start exactly on time.  They wait to be able to exit the ceremony.  That can mean more than an hour!  It can be VERY uncomfortable.
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