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Really want outdoor wedding, but TERRIFIED of weather & rentals costs!

my fiance & I got engaged at a beautiful historic estate in 'upstate' New York. We discovered shortly after they allow weddings (we could literally do ceremony, photos and reception all in one place!) and probably has the worlds cheapest site rental fees ever, but this also means the cost of rentals goes way up because you have to get EVERYTHING. Between fears of those rising costs and how to pay for it, and risking the weather- as this place has NO indoor options- Im womdering if its worth it to do it where we dreamed or try and find a local venue for the reception?

Re: Really want outdoor wedding, but TERRIFIED of weather & rentals costs!

  • Unless you're in a time crunch, look around a little and see what other options are. I'm planning an outdoor ceremony, but will figure out a way to move it into the reception area if I need to. I wouldn't feel comfortable having no indoor area (just a tent in an thunderstorm isn't going to help much), but that's just me. I know I will be checking the weather every day starting 2 weeks out!
  • Take your time and look around. While August is generally nice in most parts of the country, if you have no indoor option, it's not worth the risk.

    You are new to the Knot. On the left there is a link for Local Wedding Boards. Ask on there about venue locations that have outdoor AND indoor options. My local board was the most helpful of all during my planning.

    Good luck.
  • I am really wanting to do an outdoor wedding also, but absolutely afraid of the weather!  It's just hard to get past, and I'm having a hard time finding venues that also have a backup plan.

    I went to a beautiful wedding in a friend's backyard last year.  I don't know what they would have done if it rained because their house wasn't near big enough for all their guests to move indoors...  I'm too much of a worry-wart to not have a backup plan.

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  • We're planning on an outdoor ceremony & indoor reception.  We have a tent rented as a back-up plan for the ceremony.  Also - some tents can be really made well.  I've seen some with chandeliers and hardwood floors.  It will cost you, but it's worth looking into.  Also, August can be REALLY hot depending on where you are.  You may want to think about needing air conditioning as well as just worrying about rain.
  • Talk to local tenting companies and get a quote. It could turn out that the price of a contingency tent could be similar in pricing then another venue. Plus if you are doing other things with that company (coordination, table or chair rental, china etc) you could be able to have that contingency plan but not have to pay more if it's not needed. 

  • OP - I just realized you're in Hudson Valley.  Did you check out the Terrytown House Estate?  I know you can do an indoor reception there and it may be what you're looking for...
  • We plan to have our ceremony outside and reception inside as well. Although we aren't in your area and weather in April (when I'm getting married ) is unpredictable I would look around  and if you are really set on this venue then as others have said look into a tent rental. 
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