Outdoor Weddings

You are charging me what?

Ugh.What a way to start my weekend. Our wedding is at a local park which cost $75 for 3 hours to rent. I contacted the park today to see about renting the area out for an hour at most the day before for our rehersal. The lady told me that it is a 3 hour min charge, so that means I need to pay another $75 for only using it an hour at most. I suggested paying $25, but nope they wouldn't go for that. 

I would have no problem paying the $75 if we were planning on having our rehersal "picnic" there too. But they don't have electrical outlets or even bathrooms for that matter! I feel that if she is requiring us to rent it for 3 hours and pay that price, there should at least be a darn port-a-potty. What the heck are we paying for? To stand on the grass and breathe the air? 

Sorry this is just a rant. I needed to vent on something, since FH is working and so is most of our family members.
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