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Paper Wish Lanterns?

Has anyone had any experiences with setting off Wish Lanterns? I saw the Nick & Vanessa wedding special in July and they used biodegradable rice paper lanterns and set them off at the wedding and I thought that it was such a beautiful sight. I'm pretty sure a lot of you have seen Tangled and it totally reminds me of this movie as well.

We live near the ocean and cliffs that overlook the most scenic views of the beach so we figured that during our wedding next August, after the ceremony but before the reception, while we are taking pictures with our wedding party and immediate family, we could all visit the overlook (which is actually near my fiance's grandmothers house) and set off the lanterns and have our photographer take pictures.

Just wanted to know if anyone had any experiences with them or what they think of the idea... :)


Re: Paper Wish Lanterns?

  • I am doing this in Maui! After our ceremony and pictures (I am praying it's dark enough and not tooooo windy) we are just walking down to the beach to set them off. We have 25 people, and while we take pics, we're leaving the lanterns out for the couples and individuals to write their wishes for us on the lanterns before we all set them off. 

    I'm trying to keep an open mind, as it may not turn out exactly how I envision... might be lighter out still, might be windy, there might be someone there trying to stop us, who knows. I found these though online and buying them here. I'd rather spend a little more to get good quality, 100% biodegradable ones because they're likely going to end up in the ocean. 

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