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What do I do about power?

I may sound naive and it is Sunday so none of the companies that I called are open to answer my question and I might start hyperventilating .....
here's the thing
I have this beautiful open location surround by trees WAY WAY out in the middle of the woods. There are four rustic wooden cabins that have power.... but my fiance says there is no possible way to run an extension cord from them to power the lights, music, warming plates etc, because its to far from the open area where the reception will be. I knew this already, deep in my heart, but when he said it to me out loud it was like glass shattering in my brain. My next thought was a generator my mother brought up the point that they are really loud. I can't afford battery lights and I'm really at a loss for what to do. I hope that one of you have a great idea !!!! HELP

Re: What do I do about power?

  • I have a solution.  Solar power.

    We have a cabin in the mountains that runs off two solar panels which charge 12 deep-cycle (marine) batteries.  We've had bands play out there with all their equipment and never lost power.  

    It is possible that a rental company may have solar power stations you can rent.
    No, that's not my real name. And FH's name isn't Nun (as in Nun ya bidness) either.
  • I'm searching around AL and MS. I see where solar panels are for sale but not for rent. What a great idea though, I wish we had options like that down here on the coast. Anything else I should try?

  • Look for industrial equipment rental (heavy machinery) as opposed to a party rental place.  You might have better luck.

    The problem you run into with extension cords is that the farther you are from the power source (plug) the more of a drop in voltage you get (not enough juice at the end of the cord) 

    Some commercial generators that are available for rent are house in insulated and nearly sound-proof boxes.  Again, this would be something you can find at an industrial equipment rental place.
    No, that's not my real name. And FH's name isn't Nun (as in Nun ya bidness) either.
  • Are weddings fairly common there?  Maybe the office you would call to reserve the space has ideas about what brides have done in the past.

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  • Instead of "solar panels" try doing a search for "portable solar power."
    No, that's not my real name. And FH's name isn't Nun (as in Nun ya bidness) either.
  • Thanks for all the advice, I actually was able to find a generator to rent and also found instruction on how to make a 3 piece box specifically for soundproofing a generator. My fiance has generously offered to build it and my hair finally stopped standing on end. LOL, thank you all for advice!!
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