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Garden Ceremony Site- How much would you pay? (x-posted locally)

Hi all!

I'm getting married on July 5th of this year in my parents' garden in Boulder, Colorado.  We've had two other couples ask if they can get married in our yard, and my mom is considering a business... the question is, how much is the venue "worth" so to speak, and what do you expect when you pay for a venue like this?

 The house was built in 1880 in true Victorian style with a wrap-around porch and a rose garden in the back.  It was a cherry orchard and there is a 130 year old, 40 foot cherry tree that still blooms and fruits.  Unfortunately, the property was pretty much abandoned for 50 years and the garden was completely out of control.  My parents have lived in this house for 15+ years and my mother is an amazing gardener.  In addition to a complete remodel/restoration to the house itself, the 3/4+ acre garden has been brought beyond its former glory and is absolutely magnificent!  Some of the original tea roses and massive clumps of the original forget-me-nots still bloom in addition to the hundreds of other perennials and the annuals we plant each year.

French doors open from the house onto a flagstone patio with wisteria, climbing roses, and kiwi vines twisting up and around the trellis.  A stream flows down the hill into a small pond by the patio.  The lawn winds its way uphill with lush gardens on either side, including several arbors covered in climatis, roses, grapes, and sweet peas. You look back onto a small apple orchard with green knee-high grass, wildflowers, and cottonwood trees growing behind that along the ditch.  Behind that is open space and the foothills.  Tall fences keep you isolated from the neighbors on either side.

Max. 100 people seated on the lawn, 150 could stand comfortably.  I don't know what other venues like this are charging, but it would cost us about $800 to have the house cleaned, kennel the pets, and repair the lawn properly afterwards.  Because we have done other public events, we have the proper insurance etc, we just need to figure out how much to charge to make it worth it to us but keep it affordible and fair to couples.

Thank you for your help and suggestions!

Re: Garden Ceremony Site- How much would you pay? (x-posted locally)

  • (that $800 also includes planting annuals requested by the couple)
  • Would you include the seating or would the wedding couple have to rent chairs?

    I'm sure you could charge $800-$1,000 for that at least.  I know just from posting around here that people would pay that much.  Definitely rely on your local board though and also research other wedding venues in your area to see what they're charging.
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  • Sadly, the only person to comment on our local board claims she wouldn't pay more than $500, and I really want to know where she got married that cheap in Boulder!  Must have been a church/ temple?  Anyhow, it's not very helpful to me!

    There are really no comparable sites in Boulder- I think the closest outdoor garden venue is 30 min away, which is totally bizzare considering how focused Boulderites are on being outside and close to nature.
  • I am getting married in a garden setting in August. They charge $650 for up to 120 guests (if I remember correctly), and $850 for 121-180 guests. Chairs are included, and the deposit is $250 (which goes towards the final balance). It's a beautiful setting, and I was happy to pay that amount. This is Indiana mind you, so I think for Boulder, you could easily get away with charging $800-1,000.
  • This site has great garden wedding decor you could offer the brides..  They do Moss covered initials that look great hanging from gates and doors!
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