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Looking in the winter

I'm getting married Sept. 2012 and I was wondering if it was a bad idea to start looking at venues this December, since i'll be on Christmas break from college. I don't exactly know when I need to have my venue set so any insight on this subject would be great!
Sarah Beth

Re: Looking in the winter

  • It may be a little early but in some areas places book up early for the summer months (September being close to peak).

    If you have the time and inclination it doesn't hurt to look but you have to keep in mind that their prices and packages are liable to change this far out and if you are prepared to put down a deposit for a reservation.
  • I started looking last December for my wedding in April and it took some imagination when looking at the venues to know what they would look like for an April wedding.  But it was when I had time (as I am planning from out of state).
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  • We booked our venue over a year in advance, because some places book up.  As it was, we had limited options in September and October (the months that we were considering).  One benefit of booking early is that you're often guaranteed the pricing at the time you book, and prices often increase (and rarely go down).  However,PP brings up a good point about seeing the venue in the winter - if you can wait, it might make sense to go venue shopping next summer when you're home from school because the venue will look more like it will in September.

    I think that you have plenty of time, and but it's not like it would hurt to look in December if you want to.  You could go looking with the mindset of just getting an idea, not booking.  I know it's tough waiting because you can't really do any other planning without the date booked.  If you decide to look in December, I would be sure to ask to see lots of pictures of the venue in September since you'll be seeing it in the winter.
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  • I found my place in February for a September wedding.  It was a private residence with a garden courtyard.  The owners had photos of all the weddings in the past and it looked just as gorgeous as our day was.  You can also look on snapfish (I think) to see pics that others have posted of the venue.
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  • I say look now! Well..when you're on break.  I have a 15-month long engagement and were barely able to get the vendors I wanted.  Like someone already said when you book you get the price on lock and not to mention your dream wedding becoming a reality!
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