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Music for beach ceremony?!

So we are getting married on the beach at a hotel. I am trying to find a small band to play music but if worse comes to worse we are just going to play an Ipod. I dont have a ihome.. Do they make portable ones? Im kind of nervous about this. Like who the heck would control the ipod? 
Our wedding is small 25 people.. so i dont want to spend the money on a dj!

Re: Music for beach ceremony?!

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    They do make portable iHomes -- I have one with a rechargable battery that you can move around the house or take outside.  Not sure if it would be loud enough to be heard at a beach with waves, wind, etc.  Though, a battery powered boom-box could work (you could burn songs to a CD).  

    As for live musicians, you may have trouble finding some who will play on a beach.  Obviously anyone who needs electricity or amplification is out.  Acoustic instruments are VERY sensitive and can be ruined by humidity, water, sand, etc.  Not to mention the logistics of getting larger musical isntruments to a remote location like a beach (though if it's at a hotel, the access point might be manageable).   

    I would consider a soloist like a flautist (flute) or trumpet player.  A string trio might work (though the cello could be challenging).  
  • I have the same question! I don't know what to do. I know what songs I want so I know we need an iPod or a CD. I'm just worried about if it will be loud enough. I have read some suggestions on other sites about renting a small amplifier so maybe checking to see if you can rent one and asking if it can hook up to a iPod or an iHome. 
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