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I just wanted to say Hi to everyone.  I am new on this board.  I've been on my local board for some time now and decided to venture outside my realm.  Our wedding in Sept.18, 2010.  I am having a vintage inspired wedding.  I have designated the phrase "simply sophisticated vintage charm" to describe my vision.  I love anything Art Deco and anything that has to do with the 1950's.  I swear in my past life I lived in the 50's and dated James Dean!  LOL!

So hopefully you guys will give me some inspiration and hopefully I can do the same for you.

Have a Happy Holiday!

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    Hi and welcome! I love the 50's as well, I'm using that as part of my inspiration. What sort of things are you planning? I'd love to see some of your ideas. I stalk everyone's bio on this board like it's my job.

    Happy Holidays!
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    Welcome!  James Dean prrrrrrrr :P  I'm looking forward to seeing how you combine Art Deco and the 1950s.  It sounds cool!!

    If you'd like to be added to the bio list, just say so!  You've already provided 90% of the info I'd need in your intro post.  (you can find the link to the bios at the top of the boards). 

    Even better if you have a planning bio link you can post. :P

    I just know you'll find lots of inspiration here.  I think us retro/vintage girls are amazing, but naturally I'm biased. ;)

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    Happy Holidays and welcome to the board!!
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    Happy New Year and welcome! 
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