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Reserved sign ideas/inspiration

I am looking for vintage looking reseved signs for the cermony and reception. But I am having hay bale seating at the reception. So I can do the normal cardstock looped aroung chair. Does anyone have inspiration or ideas?? I am willing to buy but prefer to DIY. I love crafty stuff. it my addiction

Re: Reserved sign ideas/inspiration

  • I don't really know how you would have a VIP section without a seating chart without it being confusing.  I mean, I imagine that you want all of your guests to feel like VIPs, right?  

    I could see you having a table for the bridal party and their SOs, and then a table labeled "bride's family" or "grooms family," but depending on how many people you are having, that could be basically everybody (I know for me it would be).  

    I think that if you want to have people sit with specific other people, you just need to either do assigned seating, or not tell anybody where to sit and let them decide on their own.  I know that everyone is an adult, and should be able to figure it out on their own, but as a guest, I know that it makes me feel special to have a place card with my name on it at my seat.  It doesn't have to be formal, but (just my opinion)I think that the gesture shows that you care.  
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