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Would any vintage girls have the guts to do this?

By that, I mean the silent movie lips......I know I wouldnt have the guts, and my fiancee would look at me as if I were an alien.  But I tell you what, I have tried it in my room a bunch of times ever since I was little and it looks so hlarious!!! You just put foundation all over your lips (especially the corners and sides) and then use a dark pencil to fill in the lip line, really exaggerated at the top.  Its hilarious....

Re: Would any vintage girls have the guts to do this?

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    id try it on my own at home if i owned a lip pencil. definitely woudlnt go into public, though lol

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    Do you mean for your wedding? I would do it for a costume party or for something silly, but I think that's it :-)
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    You mean the exaggerated bow shape?

    Yeah, I'd have the guts to.... because I have to! My lips are actually shaped like that! (I face-planted on the sidewalk when I was a kid and ended up with fake front teeth and a bit of scar tissue smack in the middle of my upper lip that pulls the center down just enough so I have that bow shape in a big way.) Luckily you can't tell it's actually scar tissue, most people just think I have a neat-shaped mouth and my dad must have been the milk man LOL

    It's not super noticeable b/c I never wear dark lipstick, and my lower lip is much bigger. I like it! If I had the chance to go back and not fall on my face, I don't think I'd take it! (I got nice straight teeth sans braces when they gave me new ones too hahahahaha)
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    I think it looks beautiful!
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    Retro wedding calls for retro lips.  Why not????  Go for it!
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    Here's a vintage inspired wedding from ruffled where the girl did the silent movie makeup/lips.  She's working the bow lips!
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