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so i need help again

So my sister was supposed to be one of my bridesmaids and i know she is self contious we all are but now shes not sure if she wants to be a bm cuz i am making the dresses and she doesnt like that pattern i chose or the fabric. honestley it doesnt bother me if she is or isnt a bm just as long as she is there! and i told her this but i cant get a straight anwser out of her if she wants to do it or not. how do i handle/coupe with this. its really getting agravating and i dont want to hurt her andmake the decission for her but i have done alot of catering to her and my mom and im done this is my wedding not theres and i just need advice on what to do!

Re: so i need help again

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    Can you tell her all that, minus all the "Catering" stuff maybe?  Say you need to know, and you are fine either way, but a decision has to be made.  The advice I get over and over again is to remember that it's my wedding and I'm never going to please everyone.  Sometimes it's hard advice to listen to, but you really have to to move on and make things work.  Hope your situation gets figured out!
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    Yes, I second PP.  Give her a date to decide by, and be very clear that you need a yes or no by then.  But don't compromise on the dress (you have other bridesmaids I'm assuming?).  It's her choice, but just be clear how important she is to you and how you want her there no matter what.  Tell us what she says!
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    just a suggestion, what if you keep the same fabric...but change it to a style that suits her better?  this way...its a bit of a compromise...but it will still look great!  then she's happy and you have your sister in your BP! 
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    i'd say, that it might be better if she's not sure if she is just a guest, that way you don't have to deal with all the wishy washy stuff
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    thanks everyone! i'm gonna give her a deadline and let her know that either way she is still my sister! you guys are the best at this stuff!!!! and with the days counting down faster then ever it really means alot to me for all the help!
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