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Retro BBQ

I am trying to find inspiration for a retro BBQ wedding, Has anyone come across something or know a good resource where I might find something. It feels like I looked all over the internet and only found a small amount. 

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    We had a BBQ and kind of vintage-y.

    Some of the things you could do:

    Originally we had planned to have the cake displayed on an old style record player.  Unfortunately our day of coordinator lost it the day before and didn't find it until after the wedding. (Still disappointed about this a year later!)

    You could have the retro gingham-table cloths.  Maybe go for a diner theme?  Or better yet, have the reception in a local BBQ diner?  (We dd the latter and it meant less decorating.)

    Maybe rent a jukebox and let guests request songs.  You could even have these guest selected songs be what plays for the dancing portion.  It would be a little spontaneous, but also fun!

    If you choose to have it catered, and outdoors, maybe you could supply the catering staff with some retro outfits to wear?

    Perhaps hire an Elvis impersonator to perform?

    Mason jars are good for serving as glasses or as decoration for holding flowers or candles.  Maybe have a candy bar with old timey candies; even though they may not be sold in stores, many retailers still produce them for sale online.

    What kind of retro are you going for?
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