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Vintage Dress = Vintage Wedding??

I am thinking about wearing my grandma's wedding dress (1960's). If I do decide to wear it, will I have to theme the wedding vintage? The wedding is for sure going to be outside. I just don't want things to clash if I wear a vintage dress. Help! Undecided

Re: Vintage Dress = Vintage Wedding??

  • Just because you wear a vintage dress doesn't mean that you have to make everything 1960s-ish. You can make your wedding whatever you like! And 1950s/60s has been rather in for mod weddings lately, so you're golden no matter what you do.
  • Many of the current, trendy dress styles are actually very vintage in feel. Don't feel as though you need to frame everything around your dress. Go with what you want. I am having a predominantly art deco wedding but my dress isn't really art deco. I will be using other elements to pull art deco into my look though as well as the decor and wedding party attire. Good luck!
  • I was going to wear my grandma;s dress from the 60s as well.  I decided against it but am still planning a 'casual, rustic , vintage' wedding.  i don't think you need to let your dress dictate style of your wedding.
  • romamor4 : i love yuor wedding blog!!
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