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Hawaii Vintage wedding theme would love ideas...

My wedding is September 7, 2013 in Molokai Hawaii, ceremony and reception is in the same area, its an outdoor wedding on a hillside of the beach. I want the theme to be vintage and since its in Hawaii were my family lives i figured vitage Hawaii would be best. I would love to hear any ideas for both ceremony and reception for my theme, thanks.
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Re: Hawaii Vintage wedding theme would love ideas...

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    I don't have concrete suggestions (I'm not Hawaiian, sorry). What I would suggest, if you want to put in a little leg work early on, is seeing if there are any collections of specifically Hawaiian publications, magazines, newspapers, photo collections, etc. in university or public libraries in the state. You should be able to use these to find photos and descriptions of weddings from the time you're hoping to evoke. Also, try talking to people who lived through the time, like a grandma, next door neighbor, etc. See what happened at the typical wedding, what dresses looked like, how people decorated, what they ate. That should be a trove of ideas.
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    Thank you for your ideas! Sad thing I'm Hawaiian and was drawing a blank other then incorporating lace, parasols and i was thinking of putting up vintage Hawaii postcards and placing hula instraments around tables and possibly on the sides of the aisle runner. I will talk to my tutu and some of my older aunts and ask them about decorations.
    He stole my heart... So I'm stealing his last name.
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    gmcr78gmcr78 member
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    I google-imaged  "vintage Hawaiian wedding" and found some beautiful images, if that helps.  I didn't see anything that screamed vintage-Hawaiian to me, however, there are definitely some combos of more vintage looks in teh Hawaii setting.
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    lgoin1lgoin1 member
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    That may be tricky, but you can incorporate vintage-ness by using pin-up makeup and hairstyles.  I keep having the traditional old school tattoo of a hula girl pop up in my head.  Play nothing but older surf music and Hawaiian songs.
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