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Hello all-My name is Brandy and my Fi is Steve, we are getting married on September 25th, 2010 at Villa Antonio Winery in Hillsboro, Mo.  It is a rather new winery, only about 4 years old, but is beautiful.  Just looking for any suggestions, as I am just beginning to start planning. 
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Re: Vineyard Bride to be

  • Hi Brandy!I'm in the same boat as you - my fiance and I just started planning our Vineyard wedding for next fall.  I've gotten some good ideas just from searching the net.  One thing that I thought sounded unique was in lieu of a unity candle having a "unity wine" ceremony where he would pour a red as you are pouring a white into the same glass.  The thought is that once these two wines have mixed they cannot become undone (like your upcoming marriage :) )Another thing that someone recently suggested to me was having a wine pairing with each course or a wine pairing depending on which entree is selected from the buffet.Hope this helps to get started!  ~Emily
  • Brandy & ecsmiles - Congratulations on your upcoming marriages! A couple things I would suggest is:-be aware of how windy it can be in the hills! -use wines from either the vineyard you're at or at least from the same area.-let the vineyard do the talking. You've chosen your location because it's beautiful, which means you don't necessarily have to worry so much about doing all the other little things that some other brides would do.Best advice I ever heard was if you don't think your guests are going to notice, then don't worry about it, pretty much.Good luck, Ladies.
  • Hey ladies! The FI and I are getting married next April at a vineyard in VA. The winery is new only 9 months old, but they have been growing grapes for other wineries for years. I love the idea of the wine ceremony, we were thinking of using that ourselves. Also, instead of a wine pairing with dinner, we are doing a wine tasting during our cocktail hour. Good luck planning everyone and keep those ideas coming!
  • Hi OFF,Which vineyard in VA are you planning your wedding?  We live in Northern Virginia, and we're touring several of them next weekend.Thanks!!Emily
  • Hi everyone!  My name is Michelle and my FI name is Dennis.  We are getting married 10/15/2010 at Zorvino Winery in Sandown, NH (I have pics in my bio).  I'm so excited to start planning!  The grounds are beautiful - so many great photo ops!  Have any of you guys decided on your colors?  I'm going with the typical fall colors, but with a pop of fuschia I think.  Any way, so excited to plan and chat with you girls!
  • HI Ladies,

    I got married this August at Summerhill. Kelowna, BC, Canada - I loved it - it was a easy not too expensive weekend away for us and our guests.  We are the last of our friends to get married so didn't want the same wedding everyone else had.  We had a wine tasting table open for our guest when they arrived then the ceremony on a large patio over looking the vineyards and lake.  After the cermony we had more wine with some appetizers and then filled our glasses to go on a tour of the vineyard & pyramid cellar.  We came back to start a 5 course dinner and each course was paired with an appropraite wine. 

    Since we only had 30 people we were fortunate enough to have one course with each of the 5 tables we had - sharing dinner with all our guests.  It was definately different and we got loads of compliments and an occasional odd look but it suited us and we loved it.

    Enjoy your planning ladies!
  • Hello everyone!  We're getting married 6.26.10 at Blackstock Vineyard in Dahlonega, GA.  It's an amazing location with a 360 view of the mountains and rolling hills filled with the vines. 

    I love the idea of the wine pouring ceremony.  Once you pour it, you don't drink it do you??  Do you guys have other ceremony ideas?

    We decided that since we have a lot of mutual friends that will be there, we're not going to do a traditional isle down the middle... instead, we're going to arch the chairs and have people sit where they want.  My father and I are a bit disjointed, so my flowergirl is going to do the normal routine and then go beyond the ceremony spot and into the vineyard row where I'll be waiting out of view and she's going to hold my hand to take me to my FI.  How cute!  She's my niece and her mom/my sister is my MoH so it's perfect for us.  I love that I get to come out of the vineyard instead of the traditional isle thing.

    Our colors are also atypical as far as vineyards go...we're doing apple green and pool blue.  Kinda tropical I guess...but it's summer so it works!  The manager said the grapes will be the perfect color to match my green at that point in the season.

    I'm still toying with centerpiece ideas... I don't want to use graps or vines or anything... something outdoorsy and low key yet chic.  I'm thinking of using mason jars somehow.

    Anyway...!  I'm rambling.
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