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Spanish First Dance Songs

Morning Ladies, For those who are half awake!!!! I'm in a dilema like always . The FI wants our first dance to be a spanish song because 99.9 % of the invites are hispanic. I want a english song but he gave me a puppy face and ask me that this would be the only thing he wants to choose from the wedding i couldnt resist the puppy face and I said ok you can choose the song. My FI is obessed with Luis Miguel i personally dont like him but i wanted to suggest him other spanish songs. Any suggestions I really dont know any good spanish love songs cause i only know the salsa merengue kind of music spanish love songs well they arent my thing. Thanks in advance :) Vane

Re: Spanish First Dance Songs

  • avee10avee10 member
    edited December 2011
    I have the opposite problem, I really want to use a song in Spanish but FI doesnt because he says we dont speak to each other in spanish and he never even listens to music in Spanish. Anyway, one song I love, which I wanted to use, is "Todo Cambio" by Camila.   Its relatively new and has great lyrics.
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    How about Marc Anthony! I am not a super fan of him personally but he has some great songs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcrAuQYK45o I am also very VERY big Mana and Juan Luis Guerra fan! You tube it and you can find great songs!!! GL! HTH!
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    Hi! Luis Miguel, Contigo Aprendi is a very nice song. email me, I have another suggestion for you: m rodriguez 12 85 at yahoo dot com
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    ***Carli & Vero***
  • sarita2010sarita2010 member
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    edited December 2011
    I really like Ricardo Montaner Tan Enamorados Besame La cime del cielo and Kenny Lattimore- For you (Spanish version) it's on you tube.. the words are amazing. HTH
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    Well you mentioned you like salsa why not do a salsa song?Fi and I are planning on dancing to Tito Nieves "I'll always love you"It's almost all in English, but even if our guests don't understand it they can still relate because of the beat...I don't have any songs for you though :(
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    We are most probably going to use our song by Luis Miguel which is "Somos Novios" ... he surprised me with that at Epcot in Mexico and had the mariachis sing it for us in front of everyone during their show. It's special because it has meaning. You have to find a song that means something to you both and not just any random song because its in spanish or english or whatever, you know?Tell that to FI... maybe he'll agree that it doesn't necessarily have to be a spanish to please the guests. It should be pleasing to YOU and HIM. It's YOUR wedding. :)HTH!
  • cristy0583cristy0583 member
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    Mi FI also wanted to choose the song. Our first dance will be to "Un amor para la historia" by Gilberto Santa Rosa.He has lots of other ballads you can look into.
  • aidab21aidab21 member
    edited December 2011
    Cuando te beso from Juan Luis Guerra.  This is a ballad that came out in 1995, it didn't become famous but its really nice.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEX8mv864-0 another really good one that is from his new album is si tu no bailas conmigo .  Listen to the lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KesWhj3yAgo
  • questvcquestvc member
    edited December 2011
    I thing AlphaXimena is correct it has to be a song that has meaning to you both.. Have him make a list since he wants the spanish song but make it a variety of salsa, soft and merengue I am sure you can find something that you both can relate to since you both speak spanish. One of my and FI favorite singer is Gilberto Santa Rosa I think he is AWESOME and his songs are very meaningful you also have Mana Bendita tu Luz (which is the one I want to be my first dance song), Luis Fonsi and thats all I can think of now.. Let us know what you pick  
  • Melissa011983Melissa011983 member
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    andrea bocelli cuando me enamoro
  • oyepoohoyepooh member
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    OMG, I loooove "Somos Novios" but DH wouldn't have it. 
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