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I have lost my FI to his fish tank. He is obsessed with it. And has killed everything several times and is wasting so much money on it!!! (salt water) He will research things to do to it for hours. I am just venting and wondering if anyone elses FI is totally obsessed with something. Keep in mind he is off of a project now so he has nothing to do all day so for about 10 hours he will be investing his time into this and cant respond to an email or text from me! Not trying to make him look bad he is awesome I am just getting a little tired of this thing. (and him getting mad every time he kills something).

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    lol ... thats kind of amusing actually, but no worries my FI is obsessed with sports in the same way. He actually wakes up each morning and first thing, literally as soon as his eyes open, starts scrolling through the twitter updates on sportsdeck or whatever its called.... its ridiculous
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    Mine is obsessed with his work. I have to constantly remind him that its time to close down work at 8pm and hang out. But I'm obsessed with wedding stuff so I can't really talk! 

    Hopefully he will give up soon before he kills too many fish :)
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    that is funny..mines is obsessed with sports and video games..but really i understand how anna feels when fi wakes up he runs to the computer to get scores and check his players on his fantasy team...then at night when hes done with sports he spends the rest of his time on some game (whichever one hes amused with at the time now its black ops) he also cant answer calls when hes playing "must be focused" lol...atleast its nothing bad... its just fishies! lol and i know that those tanks can be a mission but he'll figure it out soon and u'll have a nice aquarium he'll be sick of looking at :)
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    Mine is obsessed with cars... mustangs in particular. When he's home, he's constantly on some mustang site.. kinda like tk... he chats with all local mustang owners and they have g2gs and everything!
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    Yes lynette, mine is on the cobaltss network ( car thing) and they chat and have "car meets" aka g2g also he has a ps3 and is on call of duty all the freaking time. Oh about the fish tank.. when i first started dating him he had a saltwater fish tank, it took alot of time and everyday had to clean and feed and it was crazy. It was nice to watch it and i actually got excited once i bought him a fish, but shortly after I bought the fish he sold it to his cousin ( who i dont like) I fear for my poor fishy's life all the time...Cry
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    Oh girl! I can TOTALLY relate. FI converted his fish tank from fresh water to salt and it has been a 3 month process! From buying rocks, to salt water, to fish to snails! Trust me, i know! I gave him Dori the tang for Christmas ( a freaking $50 damn fish) lol.

    They have to test the water before each fish goes in, in order to make sure the the water levels are appropriate and then you have to put the fish in a specific order because some are more aggressive than others and some fish get depressed if the dont have others like it around it.........yea, im about 50% educated on this damn fish tank! lol.

    If your FI is doing corals, that is definitely a tough one! My FI hasnt gone that way yet, he is waiting because you need special lights and God knows what else for that. lol

    FI had actually been wanting a dog for a long time (which we were NOT ready for, since we work 6 days a week 8-10 hrs a day) so this was a good distraction. Dont worry, your not alone! Dont get frustrated though, its better for him to have his hands occupied on this than a video game or going out with his boys everyday ;).
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    Yes it is true it is not bad.. and he did go from hours of video games to this so I guess this is better. lol But when he does get a new fish.. or sea anemone (which we haven't managed to keep alive) he wakes up all the time in the middle of the night to check it to see if its still moving. Its just crazy all the time spent staring at it!
    It is just alot of work and all we have is some snails and crabs and one fish!

    Patty.. yes he started doing coral but then the whole tank crashed and we had to start over, so we dont have them back again.  He has special lights and a new filter, a sump tank. I have no idea. Everyday something new comes in the mail. I think he is trying to make a Nano reef.
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