July 2012 Weddings

Bye for a little while! :(

So everything has sort of fallen apart lately and I've had barely no time to get on TK. I've been working crazy hours, which is good in the end. Then I lost my BB like a retard and got it stolen. And now, my computer shut down completely on me last Saturday. As I was browsing pics on FB it just turned off and won't turn back on. I took it to get looked at and they can't find a single problem with it. Other than it just won't turn on. I bought it May 2010 so it's still fairly new! Anyway, they said it looks like the "mother card" might be damaged for who knows what reason. But he says they're pricey so I don't know if I'm better off getting a new comp or just replacing the card. Basically I'm freaking out. :'( I hate feeling so disconnected from everything and out of the loop. Right now I'm at FSIL's house using her comp for a bit but I doubt I'll have many chances to get on TK. OH and I'm trying to not even THINK about what will happen if I lose all my memory. All I keep thinking about is that enormous folder of mine PACKED with thousands of wedding pictures and inspiration that I've been collecting forever. :'(

Well girls, hope to be back soon! Managed to at least change my stuck-in-time sig though haha! xoxox

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