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WTF Friday!

Let it out ladies!

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Re: WTF Friday!

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    WTF weather-- so depressing! I miss my sunshine!

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    Wtf stupid contacts why are you blurry, why did I have to get every red light, why did I not pour enough coffee this morning, I should have called out :/
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    Ditto WTF Weather...engagement party tomorrow...Why is it still raining?!!?!?!

    And I've been checking my inbox every 3 seconds...where the hell is my contract?!?!?!
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    WTF --- amen to weather!! ... seriously ... i miss the beach!!! 

    WR WTF -- NOTHING for once this week lolol... still on a high from getting my epix back! 
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    DITTO to WTF weather!!!

    and WTF to guests STILL changing their RSVPs!?!?!?!?!  literally yesterday had someone say they aren't coming & it has changed every single day this week from about 5 people... um HELLO the wedding is one week from tomorrow?!!  how can you be changing your mind NOW?!?!?!?!  so annoying.

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    WTF - people still havent RSVP'd (They were due Feb 1st!!)

    WTF - USPS loosing my package from Macys... I wanted to wear those leggings tomorrow :( They better find my shyt!!

    WTF - Monogram company still not mailing out my bridesmaid gift bags

    WTF - Midterm tonight (on my mom's birthday!) gruh!!

    And also weather... I just wanna stay inside and sleep!
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    WTF sore throat and upset tummy - been sick for a week already.....ugh!!!

    WTF weather - not making it any better!!!!!! :(
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    I only have a WTF for the weather. Come back sun!
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