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Day-of make-up scheduling??


I have started chatting with several make-up artists and have gotten several different answers on day-of scheduling...I am getting the feeling those that charge by the hour want some extra time...

Make-up for bride, 5 BM and 2 Moms done at the hotel and in order to leave the hotel at 4pm for the church....what would you suggest?

How many make-up artists? Approximately how long should make-up take for each BM and Moms take? What time would you start make-up? Should I plan for buffer time/retouch of first girls/me? What are your plans? Or, what did you do...in hindsight, would you do it differently?

Also- thoughts on scheduling the trial for the day of the shower?? tacky or thrifty? 

Thanks! :)
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Re: Day-of make-up scheduling??

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    OK here is the only experience i had with a large amount of girls and 1 m/u artist..we started really early like 6am and it went on all day for a 4pm wedding...however she was doing hair and makeup...

    if she is only doing make up i say about half an hour per girl and maybe a little more time for yours...if shes good the makeup doesnt need to be retouched..it should stay... my trail make up stayed on for hours and even after i washed my face my eyes looked done lol...

    if your worried about time i would have 2 girls... :)
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    I had my bridal trial done recently and it only took her an hour, and that included minor interuptions (it was at her home) and some discussion of what she was going to do....while the hair stylist I hired was working on my hair. I would say 45 min max for your make-up to get done. My girl charges a flat fee for the make-up the day of the wedding and then any additional time she charges per hour. So once she is done, if I want her to stay around and touch anything up after the ceremony, I will be charged that time. (which this can get expensive). My trial make-up stayed on all day. If you want her contact information send me a message! She did a fabulous job and can't wait for the wedding day! She was recommended by my photographer.

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