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Venue Help-Outside Catering/Bar

Can anyone help me find a nice venue in South Florida where you can bring your own caterer and liquor?? Any suggestions or personal experiences are welcome! :)

(Preferably by the water or a pretty garden area where we can have the ceremony also.)


Re: Venue Help-Outside Catering/Bar

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    Both my cousins were married at public parks in Broward and they brought in their own caterer and alcohol.  They only allow beer and wine though.  I dont remember what either was called - but both were nice - one nicer than the other but again I can't remember.  They were also pretty reasonable too because I know they each had under a 15,000 budget and invited over 100 people.  Maybe google it??

    Also the New River Inn in Ft. lauderdale - its no longer a hotel but they hold events.  Its right next to the water and has a pretty gazebo on the grounds
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    A long time ago a lot of girls were using the Ronald Shane Center, not sure why they stopped though. It is in Miami on the water and you have the whole facility to yourself. I believe you can bring your own caterer. The same type of place (near water) in Fort Lauderdale, on Las Olas is the Josephine S Leiser Opera Center. We looked into it years ago. Not on water is the Old Davie School and can't think of any gardens of the top of my head :/

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    Miami Beach Botanical Garden- very affordable and an indoor space in case of rain.

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    I am having my ceremony and reception at River Palm Cottages.  It's in Jensen Beach so a bit of a drive, depending on how far south you live.  I am in North Palm Beach so it's only about 30 minutes away.  They have Key West style cottages on site and you can bring all outside vendors.  I'm saving a ton of money this way.
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    Thanks everyone! I'll check on all those :)

    Any other ideas out there?
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    Check out Deering Estate in Miami (I just booked there).  Fairchild Tropical Garden and Vizcaya too, although both are pricier than Deering.
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    Some other really nice, but pricier venue rentals:

    Bonnet House
    Deering Estate
    Morikami Museum
    Ann Norton Scultpure Gardens
    Bamboo Gallery
    Kampong Gardens

    These are all around $5000 or more to rent and some don't include anything at all.
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    Well Damn!!!. This is sooooo helpful it makes me want to cry.lol Thank you for taking the time to put this up. I'm possible having to move my wedding from Vegas to here and this is beyond helpful. thanks again.
  • WOW this is amazing! so helpful!! thank you!!
  • It's amazing how Bunny67 posted this in 2010, yet it's super helpful to me for my upcoming wedding in 2014.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!  Kiss
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