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So my parents are paying for the wedding, and we just picked out this really nice venue to have the reception. The thing is we only have it on hold for the date I want because my mother is telling me they need to know everything I wont all the way down to if I want a chocolate fountain or not. She says she cant officially book it until they have every last detail that I want. I'm confused because I thought all they need for now is how many people are on the guest list and what day. I know how many guest I'm inviting, what day, what theme my wedding is, and the colors. I thought that over the course of the year I had time to pick out the little details I wanted. Not all at once and only two months after I'm engaged. What's the point of planning for a year if you have to know everything now? My mom does not understand why I am confused on why they need everything now to book the date. I'm I crazy on being confused and not knowing everything I want already. Or is this normal?
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