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Bridal Shower Games

Ok, so most of you know that I've worked as an MC/Wedding Planner for almost 20 years. So you can imagine how many games for bridal showers I've seen, done and am tired of. :-)  Most of my family is also in the business.

My shower is next Sat and we are having a VERY hard time coming up with games that we are not extremely tired of.

My theme for the shower is "Old Cuba" since I love vintage stuff and we have Cuban roots. I was born there and FI's mom was too.

So we are thinking of incorporating the theme some how as well as couple or shower. The setting is very casual, sofas/chairs/ottomans... etc.

It is a mixed shower... women, men and children of all ages. So the games can't be overly raunchy or dirty. I would like games that are not too long, too difficult to coordiante and that involves everyone. Games where everyone can participate and have fun.

I've come up with 2 or 3 that I think would be fun but my cousin (brideschick and helping with the shower) wasn't too thrilled with them. lol

So, Any ideas?


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    i saw this website awhile ago about bridal showers and games

    Hope this helps you.



    I'm sure you have seem most of these as a wedding planner :)

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    I just went to a bridal shower where we were given a sugar cookie in the shape of a cake. We had icing and candy toppings to decorate it with, and the bride picked her favorite to win a prize. We all had fun making them and everyone got to take home their cookie :)
    At another bridal shower I went to, we got into teams and decorated one girl with a wedding dress made of toilet paper. It was fun to see how creative people can be!
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    we did like a 21 question quiz but with our date. so there were 3 questions about both of us, 5 questons about him and 11 questions about me. It was reallt funny cause my aunts just made up answers to the questions. our date is 3.5.11
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