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How does this floral breakdown sound to you?

-Peonies for bridal bouquet
-2 bouquets for bridesmaids with garden roses
-2 large hydrangea and orchid arrangements at the beginning of the aisle
-Branch arch covered with hydrangea's and orchids
-Rose petals for flower girls, and rose petals lining aisle
-Peony corsages for mothers and grandmothers
-Peony corsage for groom, groomsmen, and fathers
-7 black vase's for reception tables with hydrangeas
-7 crystal candelabra with a smaller arrangement of hydrangeas
-tons of candles
-Hydrangea arrangement for table cards
-Hydrangea arrangement in bathroom
-Sweetheart table covered with hydrangeas
-Beige table linens

total- 4700.00

Is this a good price for all of the above?

Below is my inspiration pic...

Re: How does this floral breakdown sound to you?

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    If they have to make the table linens and not rent them then you're looking at $30 a table, I'd set aside $500 for the bridal bouquets, up-lighting can get tricky depending on how many they setup and if they are doing piping and draping along the room.

    BTW love your inspiration pic. Gorgeous
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    Are peonies really expensie flowers?  Although we are using different flowers, this is an example of my quote so that you can compare;

    -bridal bouquet (callas and blue orchids)
    -1 toss bouquet (roses)
    -8 bridesmaid bouquets (callas)
    -8 groomsmen boutonnieres (white orchids)
    -3 father boutonnieres (white orchids)
    -3 mother corsages (white orchids)
    -2 altar arrangments with hydrangeas and roses
    -flower girl pomander
    -15 centerpieces in tall vases with blue/white hydrangeas, blue orchids, white roses, a blue orchid submerged in water, and an LED light
    -4 candles per table
    -arrangement for place card table with candles
    -arrangement for sweetheart table with candles
    -flowers for cake table
    -petals for gift table


    I went to my flower trial and the centerpiece was plentiful and full!  Super happy!

    my uplighting through my dj was 400
    my linen lady quoted me $18 for each pintuck table linen

    I hope this information helps!  BTW.....gorgeous pictures! :)

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    Honestly, that sounds high to me. If you were doing ALL peonies I'd say that it's reasonable but the majority of your flowers are hydrangeas. 

    Regardless, you are getting a lot but it just seems on the high end to me.

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    i think it sounds fair especially since it includes lighting and linens.

    btw the black vases w white hydrangeas are on my inspiration board for my florist as well ;)
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    Hello... I think you should still shop around for prices (dont seattle for just that price)... she may of added  "some" lighting, but how many lights?.... I think "Ril0082 " quote is more reasonable.... Check if your DJ could provided you lighting... I know certain DJ's like Visions DJ could lower it up to $15 per light....

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    Actually I think it sounds pretty good. I have:
    My bouquet- white phaleonopsis orchids with white football mums (awesome flowers btw)
    Toss bouqet
    8 orchid and football mum bridemaids bouquets, 
    12 dendro orchid bouts for guys,
    4 dendro orchid corsages for g-mas and moms
    10 tall centerpieces with hydrangeas and orchids stems, one submerged (these things are like 3 feet tall LOL)
    10 short centerpieces with hydrangeas and orchids
    2 large aisle arrangements with hydrangeas, orchids and curly willow
    1 bamboo aisle runner
    loose orchids for cake and guestbook tables all 

    for about $3800.

    If your pieces look ANYTHING like the pictures you posted, then your price is pretty good considering it includes uplighting and linens. AND I believe a single peonie corsage will cost more than a few dendrobium orchids (which is what I have)

    I would ask how much the linens are individually... beige linens would be super easy to find. I bought aqua crushed taffeta linens for a 60" table for $8/ea. You may be able to save a couple hundred dollars if you purchase these on your own. (then you can sell them back on TK... or if not donate them you still saved a bunch of money!) 
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