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Are any of you having your guests RSVP on your wedding website?  If so, are you putting the URL just on your STDs or on your invites too?  How are you wording it?  And are you have the RSVP feature open when sending out STDs or not until you send invites?  TIA!

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Re: RSVP on website

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    Im giving my guests the option of RSVp'ing online.  I had an information card in my invite suite that included my registry and wedding website.

    The woriding: "You may RSVP using the included traditional card and envelope RSVP or via our website: www.mywebsite.com

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    I had my guests RSVP online. I just put please respond at ..... I put our website on the StD's but didn't activate the RSVP feature until I sent out my invites
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