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We are getting married May 5, 2012. I'm working on save the dates now. I thought it would be cute to take a picture of us and add a sombero hat to FI and a couple margarita glasses. Now I'm worried our guests will think our wedding is going to be cinco de mayo themed. It'll be a laid back fun wedding with hopefully some margaritas but thats about it. Nothing too cinco de mayo.

What would you think if you got a cinco de mayo wedding STD? Would you think the wedding was themed or that it was just a fun save the date to help people remember?

Thank you for your help! I've been going back and forth with this.

ETA: On Option 2 it should say THEME not THEM

Re: STD Question

  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I'd probably go with your colors/theme. Although the idea is fun, I think it says "Hey! We are having a Cinco de Mayo wedding!".

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  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I would just think that it's a fun, laid back STD. I wouldn't think Cinco de mayo theme for the wedding unless you told me that was the theme.
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    I wouldn't think a Cinco de Mayo theme either. Maybe keep the STD in your colors, but add the Margaritas and sombrero? I think it's a very cute fun idea, actually!
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    I recently changed my date from May 5 (due to my hotel being sold out). Everytime someone asked me my date and I told them May 5, they immediately responded with "Oh, Cinco de Mayo!" Not really, we picked the "Fifth of May" for various other reasons. If I saw a STD though with a sobrero for a wedding on Cinco de Mayo I would think it was themed. I didn't vote because I'm 50/50. If the wedding is fairly casual then it might be okay ;)

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    I like it would be cute to add the margaritas or sombrero on the STD but not have your FI wearing it.. like little images on the bottom or side..
  • RaquelSRaquelS member
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    If I received an cinco de mayo STD for a wedding on May 5th. I would think it was a cinco de mayo theme. 
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    I think a Cinco de Mayo save-the-date is adorable. Save the dates don't set the tone for the wedding, the formal invitation does. I say go ahead with the sombreros... Andale! :) 
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