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I am having the worst week ever!
First, I find out my coordinator at my venue is gone...This is the second one that theyve had. He was so good but now hesgone..with no warning! I cant even get answers from anyone and the guy that called me was so NOT helpful!
Now today, I got a text from my BM that she couldnt get the time off for my wedding. Shes going to be in residency and requested the time but they didnt give it to her...I dont really have any other close GF's to replace her and the one that I have was already upset that she wasnt one to begin with! Now I dont know what to do! So mad!!!
Thanks for letting me vent!

Re: Vent!

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    ugh how frustrating is that! our coordinator/catering manager retired last year without warning. I was sooooo sad, so i feel your pain. just make sure you have copies of your contract incase anything comes up. trust me... this helps!

    bummer about your BM :( did she back out totally? is she local to just be there for the wedding??
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    I'm so sorry Karen! sucks about the coordinator..hopefully the one that replaces him will be just as good or even better!

    As for the BM is there absolutely no way she can take off? perhaps use a sick day if local to come?
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    Unfortunatly she is at Dupont in Wilmington, Delaware. It really sucks.
    I am going to go my venue and raise hell when I get back to Boca.
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    Oh geez Karen... both of those situations SUCK! I'm sorry to hear that. =( I wish I had some advice.
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    Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    Oh no sorry to hear about both situations, I hope you can figure things out.

    As for the friend in residency, It stinks that has to happen but I know what it feels like since FI is in medical school and some friends who are hiring up then him have told us they may not be able to make our wedding because of that. Total bummer.
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    That stinks and im sorry you have to deal with unreliable coordinators! Im so mad for you right now that i would go with you and raise hell -lol--but really, sometimes you have to show them you will not be taken advantage ofand be left in the dark when they make switches, theres no excuse ! As for your BM- just put the drss on her while she's sleeping the day before you wedding-she CANT say no after that!  
    jk :P
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