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Some help with ideas

Hi ladies! I'm obviously doing a sports themed wedding. Sports are a big factor in my relationship with FI. We were both sports mgt majors, we worked together selling ticket for 2 professional sports teams and we met while playing softball. We love going to sporting events - FI is also a coach. So we want to go with a ticket/sport theme, though not in your face. I'm trying to come up with ideas for our invites - I can't decide if our STD should be a ticket or if we can try to make our invite a ticket.I think our programs will be made to look like a game program and our escort cards will be tickets to their table.But I'm drawing a blank on invites. If we did a ticket as our STD (easier!), what should our invite look like? I need help with ideas!TIA!!!
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Re: Some help with ideas

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    Years ago (pre-actual engagement) I dreamed of a baseball themed wedding. I'm not going in this direction now, but I still like to check these boards to see if there's anything that would still fit with my wedding... Anyway, what if you made up an invite like a "line-up" card. It's hard for me to put into words but if you go on any website, you'll get the basic info. The two teams (bride and groom), stats, time of the game (time of ceremony/reception), whose home field it's on (where the reception is). I think a ticket STD is an awesome idea and the invite gives all the info for what the ticket is to. I remember googling this stuff a while back and I'm not sure what sites it led me to but there were some pretty great sports-themed weddings that I came across with awesome ideas so you can always try that.
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    what about baseballs or something like that as the escort cards?  I saw someone do that.  I am using hockey pucks as the escort cards.  This way you can make the inivations to look like tickets.
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    Don't really have any ideas on invites...but we did a few sports themed things for our wedding:-we had a hockey jersey with our name and wedding date on the back and had everyone sign it instead of having a guest book.  It came out so cool..we are going to buy a frame and put it up when we buy a house.-I made table numbers with all our favorite sporting events/activities.  I had pictures of us on each one. 
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    We are having a baseball theme for our reception. We are using a baseball bat as a "guest book" having the guests sign it, our tables are named after the baseball fields that we have visited, we have Cracker Jacks and Peanuts as favors at each place setting and we included a trading card that we had made at in our wedding invites with our engagement pic on the front and wedding website details on the back. HTH!
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    mattandzachsmom had the same idea as me with the trading card. I mentioned on another board about having Big League Chew bubble gum as a favor on the tables. I remember I used to love that stuff as a kid!! For those of you who don't remember it check this out:
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    So this is a thought. Genearlly before a big game there's a lot of pomp and circumstance about "Team A vs. Team B - biggest smackdown of the year to take place on Some Date! Game of the Century - Be there!"

    So you could make up the invitations like that kind of promotion, except cross out the "vs." and "battle" write in "and" and "married".

    I hope that makes sense.... I think you can get the idea, at least.
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    Hey ladies!! I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a baseball ticket or event ticket template so that I can make our escort cards into baseball tickets.. any ideas?? Let me know! Thanks!Laughing

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    I echo the question above - my FI and I are planning to do baseball tickets as our escort cards and are looking for some direction (either a vendor or DIY ideas).
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    I was planing trying to make escort cards that look like tickets to everyone's table...any template ideas???
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