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  • Not even close to WR, but I really hate when people have everything handed to them and then repeatedly abuse the system and refuse to work. I get jacked off when people tell me that they are unemployed and on welfare, but wear Gucci clothes, drive around in a brand new SUV, and have giant flat screen TVs in their living rooms (and of course they can ALL afford manicures). All of their nice new "houses" then get trashed and they insist on calling the ambulance everytime one of their family members sneezes because, "we don't have to pay for it." What happened to taking pride in yourself and actually wanting to be productive?
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  • I could not agree with you more on that one! I work in a hospital so I know just what it;s like to have to deal with "frequent flyers" that come to the hospital when their current supply of narcotics run out or if they can't get any on the street because they are broke. Thankfully I don't have a wedding related rant so far. I actually have a rave because our ideal photo venue is avaliable and I never ever ever thought we would be able to get photos done there!!!
  • I feel like I'm forgetting things and running out of time, and I have no energy to do anything, especially wedding related stuff.  I just hope we manage to pull it all together.  Blargh.
  • Pumpkin_Princess I hear ya. I have been on welfare before, but I was also nursing a baby, volunteering, going to a tutor, doing job training, and lucky to even buy shampoo and toilet paper and pay rent for my apartment. Meanwhile my neighbors spent all of there money on drugs and still had the nerve to as me for things. I didn't help them. Instead I referred them to people who could. Mostly counseling agencies and rehabs. I had a relationship that was turning sour and had to find the courage to seperate myself from it somehow. I asked for help and it took me a lot of time and effort to get where I am now. Currently I am a stay-at-home mom and I'm feeling very ansy to go do something! I need to focus my energy on little Willow right now though, and enjoy every second of it! I know the day is coming when I can get back out there. I just need to be really patient. I do the budgeting and the planning for our future, which includes getting Willow prepared for hers. I would actually like to be a social worker or a teacher someday! I am planning on working with children :) I really want to influence people while the're still young :) So yeah, I am definitely sick of people that don't try and just take..... What's really bothering me right now is that i am still searching for my son who was taken by his father. I know whaere he is now, but he's across the country in Massachusetts. I don't want to be attacked by my ex's mother again. I guess i'm just a peace loving hippy girl at heart! I just want PEACE and CLOSURE! AND TO SEE MY SON!!!!! My tears have dried up and what is left is a fiercely driven heart and a chin held high. I will be calling my ex's mother tomorrow for the first time in over a year and a half. I'm going to let her know that I respect her as Trey's grandmother and invite her and Trey to the wedding. We'll pay for them to come over. I HAVE to do this. He's my son. I love him so deeply that I let him go when he was being ripped out of my arms so he wouldn't get hurt. It was the hardest thing in the world to do. To retreat. I thought the tears were dried up, but I guess I was wrong......I hope none of you have to experience this. I'm just going to be strong and do it. That's my rant.
  • *hugs* for DivineWillowMama stay strong!!!!! Soo NWR but I have had one heck of a night. The is a certin female that I work with that I made the mistake of getting to be friends with. Said so called friend starting acting a bit off...puttting me down, ect... But then I started finding random "womanly" things at my condo that myself and my FI live. Such as lipstick I do not wear, panties, ect. Well I got to the point to where I was convinced he was cheating on me! Aruments started, and the next time she came over she made her fatal mistake. She left a "fake" purse at my house, planted on HIS SIDE OF THE BED!  I knew it was hers because I had her perfum, her necklaces, ect in it! And it had not been there before she got there, we left for work, got home, and I found it! I confronted her, she admitted to planting the things at my place, and I had not spoken to her until tonight. I work at a bar and about and hour before we closed, my manged came up to me telling me said girl is in the back, passed out, thowing up, the works....and of course I am the only one that could help her! Not really wanting to, I guess I am crazy or something... I manage to get her semi-concious, she is still puking everywhere....And manage to get her to her car.... Because my manager begged and peaded for me to drive her and her car back to my place. *hit head* and of course I guess I am just too nice to people... I don't like seeing people sick or hurt and can not see to just say no to helping them. And of course I do not have a car right now... so what do I do? I drive my worst enemy to my house, she is still getting sick out the window... get her back to my place..get her up the stairs...a feet in itself as she was throwning a b fit the whole time! Well as soon as she gets into my house, she spews everwhere...get to to the bathroom, more of the spewing... Help her get undressed and into a bath to get all the puke off of her... mind you she is still spewing all over the bathroom, and into her own bath! Force her to drink some water and eat some soup.... Give her some of MY clothes to sleep in...and now she is passed out on MY couch....and I get to say up until 7:30 to wake her up and get her out of my house! Oh and to top it off my FI is now pissed at me for to quote him "Being too damn soft and letting that insent explicitive here into our home after what she did" And I am mad at myself for getting conned into babysitting said woman.... Sorry that was so long I just had to get it off my chest. I know it is my own fault but it still sucks!
  • Nefariousmoon - that's some sh!t. I've been through a smiliar situation were I thought my man cheated and well, b!tches are triffling! DivineWillowMama - I hope that you do get to see your son. J hasn't seen his son in 2 years for reasons that need to be discussed here. He is unable to see his son, but I can. I can only imagine how hard it is for you on a daily basis because I see what J goes through. I had a rant, but compared to these it's pretty petty. :P

  • nefariousmoon, (I hope I spelled that right!) I have been that babysitter before, but the chick(s) haven't tried that stuff with my man. Grrr, I would be so mad, but also a sucker for someone that needs help too. It's obvious that it's a cry out for some attention or help. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that drama! I hope she finds her way somehow..... scoetto, you know we'll listen :) I also wanted to thank you guys for the kind words and thoughts. I just can't really understand why it's still going on. I'm not a religious person, but I am a very spiritual one. I pray everyday that I can see him again. I also pray that his Daddy gets the guidance that he needs to move on and finds what he's looking for. We all need love, ya know! I can't believe I missed his first day of school. I will never give up.....
  • Thanks girls! I finally got her out of my house at 10am, finally got some sleep and spent the day recovering.... And today....back to doing what I want. *spins in a circle for the heck of it* DivineWillow- I am not religious either but I do have my fingers crossed really really hard that things will work out.
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