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Trash the Dress...but not really!

Hello Gothic knotties. I haven't been here in a while but I do come and go because I love to see what you all have dreamed up. I'm doing a TTD (but not really) in a weeks time and I am wondering what I can use for props/accessories. I have my wedding jewelry still and the top hat my husband got married in and my birdcage veil. I am thinking of fun things I could use along with those to make for a really dark and edgy style shoot. We're going to an abandonded farm house outside of town :)

This is my dress (some of you already know it):



Re: Trash the Dress...but not really!

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    I see that dress and think that you need a black lacy parasol with it, that would be sooo pretty! 

    Also, this might sound a little crazy but I would totally buy a cheap ass guitar (think WalMart maybe?) to smash. How fun would it be to smash a fricken guitar and have it documented? lol (This might be the Venti Starbucks talking ha!)
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    Ooooh, that is lovely!
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    Im thinking old clocks all over the wall, perhaps some goblets or wine bottle. Maybe it could turn into a dark, sort of alice tea party in an old barn setting as you mentioned. maybe a hand held mirror, long cigarette, the somewhat cliche human skull, someone already said black lace parasol and of course thats the first thing that comes to mind...old pillar candle holders, sometimes antique shops will rent them to you. The dress is beautiful, have a blast!! and maybe let us see some pics afterwards :)
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