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Happy holidays ladies!

Get anything good for Christmas? Do anything fun? Our family had a spectacular Christmas. It couldn't have been better. We were all sick, but it was still a really fun time!!!
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Re: Happy holidays ladies!

  • I feel you on being sick. I layed on my dad's couch all weekend but my kids had a blast! made out like little bandits! It was awesome I got a new fleece blanket which came in handy cuddled up trying to feel better :)
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    Being sick on Christmas day sucks! I don't usually take medicines, but I did just so I could be alive enough to hang out with everyone. My daughter had a great time and was very well behaved. That was sort of shocking. She was easy going for two days straight. We got her a beautiful dollhouse, some baby Disney princesses with furniture, my little ponies, and all kinds of other things that were a big hit. I got a slow cooker and some other kitchen gadgets, and gift cards (love!). My FH got all kinds of fun things. I think he got spoiled a little this year. We all survived to tell about it. :)
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  • Christmas was crazy, as usually. We go to like six different places to celebrate, eat and open gifts. The best part was giving DH a Nook Color! Hope everyone had fun!
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